Banana Nut Crunch Gourmet Grain Free Granola Clusters


Banana Nut Crunch Gourmet Grain Free Granola Clusters

Snacks You Can Evolve With

The Paleo Diet.  You have probably heard about it, but do you know what it means?  The word ‘paleo’ comes from the Paleolithic period when human lived as hunters and gatherers.  In this aspect, the paleo diet consists of fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, and nuts.  While there are different opinions on the benefits of a paleo diet there have been numerous studies done that show this diet actually improves blood sugar, which probably works because you cut out processed foods.  I know many people who are especially passionate about the Paleo Diet and was curious as to how flavorful and delicious a paleo snack would be for our kiddos.  The Paleo People snacks seemed like the perfect choice to try this new/old culinary craze.

Paleo2What Ingredients in Paleo People snacks make it Paleo?

Paleo People snacks are filled with nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, spices and natural sweeteners that are packed into their first snack line of fruit and nut clusters.  All products are Certified Gluten Free, Grain Free, Sodium Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Non GMO & All Natural.Who Follows a Paleo Diet?If you are looking for a wheat & gluten free paleo diet snack that are wholesome and scrumptious, you will love the fruit and nut clusters.  There are many people who live by the Paleo Diet such as CrossFitters & Fitness lovers, Celiacs, Vegetarians, Hikers, Bikers, Golfers, Tennis Players, Soccer Players, Kids & those that strive to find natural snacks. Our fav!  Banana Nut Crunch Gourmet Grain Free Granola Clusters!

Paleo People’s Banana Nut Crunch Gourmet Grain Free Granola Clusters are made with nuts and banana chips so they taste and give a crunch like banana bread but without and grains or gluten.  You can get these clusters right out of the bag or put them into a parfait or sprinkle on fruit Yum.  Each bag is 5 oz. and they come in 5 bags per order.
Where to purchase?  The only downside is that there isn’t a retailer close to Austin that carries Paleo People products.  However, many online retailers, including the Paleo People website, offers their clusters for purchase on the ‘net.  Wholesale granola and Paleo People gift certificates are also available for purchase.  Check out for more information.

Banana Nut Crunch Gourmet Grain Free Granola Clusters

List Price: $ 33.00 (For a 6-Pack)

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