The Rumpus Letters For Kids Subscription


The Rumpus Letters For Kids Subscription

Letters For Kids is just like Letters In The Mail, except intended for subscribers six years and older. We’re helping people appreciate the post office at a younger age.

We read A LOT of children’s books in our house.  A LOT.  It’s easy for young children to imagine that authors are nothing like them.  They have bound books, they have their art displayed in libraries in book stores, and they are usually not children like them.  However, did you know there is a fun way to connect your kids to their favorite author through correspondence?  You didn’t?  Well now you do!


The Rumpus offers a Letters for Kids Subscription where your child (recommended for age 6+) to receive two letters a month in the mail written by children’s authors.  Think Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, Adam Rex, Kerry Madden, Natalie Standiford, Susan Patron, Rebecca Stead, Cecil Castellucci; just to name a few!  Some of the letters will be illustrated. Some will be written by hand. Some will be in color, some will be in black and white. It’s hard to say what you will get! The Rumpus copies the letters, folds them, puts them in an envelope in a first class stamp on the envelope to send directly to your child.  Be still my heart!  Many of the authors even include a mailing address on their letter so you can write back.


This is a wonderfully fun way to keep your kids engaged in reading and learning about the authors that write their favorite books.  Letters For Kids is managed by the talented and mysterious YA author Cecil Castellucci, The Rumpus’ Children’s Correspondence Coordinator.  Amazing, simple, and inexpensive; these letters open a lifeline to kids that authors are not just a name on the books they read, they are real life people who want to open up the written word to our kids to expand their minds and their learning.  Huzzah!

Free e-newsletter!  Below is a link to The Rumpus Letters for Kids free e-newsletter.  There is a lot of wonderful information and even writing contests for kids!  How exciting!

The Rumpus Letters For Kids Subscription

List Price: $ 6.50 per month

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