Simple Ring Making (Metalsmith and Jewelry Making Course) at Creative Side (Local Austin, Texas)


Simple Ring Making (Metalsmith and Jewelry Making Course) at Creative Side (Local Austin, Texas)

The mission of the Creative Side Jewelry Academy is to assist all those seeking to uncover their own creative skills.

Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  Not that I’m calling my husband ‘old’ by any means (he’s barely into his 40s), but learning a whole new skill of metalsmithing as an adult is not something you just pick up overnight.  However, in the awesome city of Austin there is a Creative Side studio on Ben White Blvd that teaches beginning metalsmithing and jewelry making and you do not need any experience whatsoever!  Nope, I’m not joking.

My husband is like a jack of all trades.  I had no idea he was even interested in working with metals until a few years ago when a friend of ours did a quick ‘forging’ lesson to our amazement.  After that, I purchased a Beginning Blacksmith course for Bob through ACC (yes, check out all of Austin Community College’s cool courses that are for non-college credit for adults.  They have some amazing ones!) and he came back proudly with a bracelet he pounded together with a hammer and the help of some fire.  Pretty cool.  It was an awesome experience, but where do you go from there?  Equipment is expensive and we can’t really have our own blacksmith studio in our rental and with two small children around our house.  That is when I learned about Creative Side and their classes for those interested in making their own items from metal.

IMG_5852 IMG_5853 IMG_5855

Bob was able to attend the Simple Ring Making course on 8/27 with the amazing instructor Nora Julia McMullen (Seriously, check out some of her amazing jewelry here)!  They offer courses at various times and days of the week and this one was perfect since it was on a Thursday night from 6-10 pm, which is perfect for us parents.  I got kid duty and Bob got a night to play with fire.  Awesome.

IMG_5869  Nora McMullen is in the ring making zone!

What do you do in the Simple Ring Making Course?

The point of this beginning ring making course is to learn to design and fabricate rings in just four hours.  You can make your ring in copper and brass or (for an additional fee) in sterling silver.  Bob was able to learn to apply beautiful texture with hammers and decorative metal stamps and Nora was insistent that each participant add their own personal touch and unique flare to their ring. Bob’s favorite part was learning how to do basic silver soldering skills using the traditional jeweler’s torch (Ohhhh! FIRE!).  You complete your ring by learning how to refine the edges with files and sandpaper so that your ring has a smooth and professional look.  Not only was this class fun and informative, you get to keep the beautiful ring (or RINGS, if you buy an extra set of silver which Bob did) that you create and leave with the knowledge and skills to begin making rings at home! Classes are small (there is maximum of 10 students), so you get a lot of personal one-on-one time with a patient and knowledgeable instructor.  Who knows where Bob will go from here, but the fire has definitely been sparked in his creative metal-making.  I see some more advanced metalsmithing courses in his future.  And, more importantly, more beautiful jewelry for me!  Ha ha.  I kid, I kid!  😉

IMG_5859 IMG_5863 IMG_5868

The ring making class is a great introduction to metalsmithing and jewelry making, but the Creative Side has a lot of  beginner courses for Austinites that are looking for a creative activity, including parents having date night, girls or guys nights out, and they even offer a Young Metalsmith Ring Making for Parents and their children, ages 10-16.  I thought that was impressive!

IMG_5867IMG_5866  Bob’s Rings!  What a masterpiece!

Check out the Studio:  Take a Virtual Tour of the Creative Side Jewelry Academy of Austin HERE!

Tuition: Tuition for this four hour course is just $99 when you sign up through Living Social.

Join a Course Today!  Reserve your spot today in one of our many inspiring workshops or classes by calling the Creative Side | Jewelry Academy of Austin 512-799-0731 or feel free to email us with any questions at  They accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Discover. For phone or email registration you must call or email to register before sending a payment.


Upcoming events:  The fall calendar is currently updated online which include new courses for the Young Metalsmiths (age 10-15) such as afterschool, homeschool, and winter camps. They often host meet and greet with our professional jewelers that travel to teach here with demos and refreshments. They will also be at the Inter-Gem at Palmer Event Center August 21st-23rd with hands on activities and our Creative Side Jewelers selling work. You can keep up with their events through their facebook account and website.
General info:  Creative Side Jewelry Academy is one of the most highly acclaimed jewelry studios and teaching facilities in America. They are proud to host nationally and internationally renowned jewelry artists, experts and technicians to teach at their Ben White Boulevard location. Along with adult class they have a Young Metalsmiths program, age 10-15, which fills a gap that is often missing in youth art programs.

Simple Ring Making (Metalsmith and Jewelry Making Course) at Creative Side (Local Austin, Texas)

List Price: $ 99.00

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