Back to School Hair Accessories from Republic of Pigtails


Back to School Hair Accessories from Republic of Pigtails

Republic of Pigtails is a collection of fabulous handmade hair accessories

If there was one thing I learned about living outside of Dallas, Texas for a few years, it was that the Texas kids are really into their accessories.  In fact, as a non-native Texan (gasp!) I had no idea about this totally foreign concept to me of the ‘homecoming mum’.  If you are not from Texas you are probably like, what the heck are you talking about?  I know, I was once completely confused about the very interesting tradition of gigantic homecoming corsages for girls AND boys (who get mum garters).  While corsages and garters are not new – hey, I went to my prom!- mums are NOT the same.  We are talking about mums made with silk flowers (particularly chrysanthemums) with trailing ribbons and feather boas that can reach the floor with interesting trinkets that can weigh up to 20 lbs!  The attachments on the mums are supposed to represent the student’s interests and activities and these days you can easily find mums made with sounds and LED-lights that can cost upwards of $300!  All for a school homecoming?  Yes!  Here is a great article on 12 Things Non-Texans Need To Know About Homecoming Mums for your reading pleasure.


While this review has nothing to do with mums or even homecoming, it does relate in a special way to something near and dear to my heart – HAIR ACCESSORIES!  As a curly headed child, hair accessories were my best friend.  As an adult, hair accessories are most definitely a necessity on those days I’m running late.  Plus, I have two small girls with two very different hair types and, while I always complained that my curly hair was thick and crazy to style, it is actually a lot harder for me to style hair that is thin and just slightly wavy.  How do the hair accessories stay in your hair?!  In addition, my kindergartener decided to give herself her own haircut six months ago and we are still dealing with her locks growing out at different lengths so it’s been a true hair nightmare on many logistical fronts.  Finding hair clips that stay in the hair has been a huge mission for me because between my youngest daughter trying to pull out her hair accessories and my oldest daughter’s clips falling right out of her hair as soon as I put them in, I had almost given up trying!  Thankfully, there are other parents out there who know how to design the perfect hair accessories for all hair types and ages and we have fallen in love with Republic of Pigtails.

babyhair  pigtail

Fine thin baby hair or thick curly hair, there is a Republic of Pigtails hair accessory that fits your needs.  Looking for a fascinating hair piece – perhaps something to coordinate with your homecoming mum?  Republic of Pigtails has a line of Fascinators, which are fantastically large and frilly hair pieces that are SO TEXAS (yes, I know, they are made in Jersey, but you know what I mean….).  I was even impressed by their bridal line, which I had to mention, because it really did surprise me that a children’s hair accessory online store could have such elegant pieces for a bride to wear on her wedding day.  They really are stunning!

Go back to school in style and look fabulous each and every day and get some amazing hair accessories with class from Republic of Pigtails. 



About Republic of Pigtails:  Republic of Pigtails is a New Jersey-based mom-owned business made up of a collection of handmade hair accessories.  ROPigtails was inspired by the owner’s little toddler and her little friends as well as their mothers.

Back to School Hair Accessories from Republic of Pigtails

List Price: $ Varies per Product (Children’s hair accessory prices generally range from $8-$18 per item)


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