Back to School Bash with Zappos at Fair Market Austin Event Review (Local Austin, Texas)


Back to School Bash with Zappos at Fair Market Austin Event Review (Local Austin, Texas)

Zappos partnered with Crafting Community to bring a back-to-school bash of epic proportions to Austin with A Day of Wow at the Fair Market Austin and Momma’s Bacon and family got to attend!


What’s A Day of Wow?

Zappos has headed to Austin to say sayonara to summer with a back-to-school family bash of epic proportions – a DAY OF WOW, if you will.  A Day of Wow is a colorful family invite-only event that featured premium back-to-school clothing and accessory customization, a wacky school portrait studio, a Zappos shoe lace bar, sips and snacks, a charitable initiative with JK Livin and games galore!  My Momma’s Bacon family was in attendance and we donated a backpack and pair of shoes to the j.k. livin foundation.  Zappos partnered with this superhero foundation to make sure back to school is even better for their incredible students.  Our family was super excited to contribute and join in on this day of FUN.  Read more about the wonderful j.k. livin organization here.

FullSizeRender  The girls with our jk livin donations for the event!   Notice their super cool Converse shoes from Zappos!

Brooke was OH so excited to attend, she even drew a picture of us getting ready to go to A Day of Wow!  How adorable!


Day of Wow Sponsors:

FullSizeRender[1]  Click on picture to ENLARGE.

Day of Wow Back to School with Zappos Event

Saturday, August 22

Fair Market Austin

1100 East 5th Street

Our time at A Day of Wow!

First and foremost, A Day of Wow was an event to support donations to the jk livin Foundation.  When we first walked in to the Fair Market Austin building, we checked our names off the list and put our backpack and shoe donations in the jk livin donations boxes right in the front.

IMG_5737  Just Keep Livin Foundation Donation Boxes!

However, we soon realized there was so many events and things to do at A Day of Wow and were given Activity Cards to go through each booth at the event.  Yes!  WOW is right!


There was a DJ, which Brie was all about – dancing around like a dancing machine and having a blast!


There were booths galore, including many Austin food items available including Frank’s!  There was plenty of snacks, water, and juice to satisfy all our cravings.


Here are several of the highlights of the event including a fun hoola hoop/ bean bag toss area, a temporary tattoo station, a table where you could tie-dye your Keds shoes with markers, a shoe lace station (Brooke received PURPLE sparkly shoelaces which thrilled her to no end) and backpacks courtesy of Zappos.  It was an amazing event to help students in need for back-to-school and for those children and parents in attendance.  It really was A Day of Wow and I want to thank all the sponsors, especially Zappos, Converse, Crafting Community, Just Keep Livin Foundation and all those who keep the event running.  It was truly an impressive event we will not soon forget and it’s wonderful that Austin was chosen as a city to make it all happen.  AWESOME!

IMG_5735 IMG_5736  IMG_5738

IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5746 IMG_5747IMG_5750IMG_5749

Brooke was SO EXCITED to see her kindergarten teacher at the event and she still won’t stop talking about it!  It may have been one of her highlights of the event.

IMG_5753  Brooke loves her kindergarten teacher!

I LOVED the photo booth available and Brooke was ready to ham it up in front of the camera.  Brie was a little hesitant of the photo booth, but with a little coaxing, we got some fun pictures of both girls at the event.


Want to donate to the jk livin foundation?  Learn how you can get involved and make a donation to the j.k. livin foundation.  When you donate you are helping to provide a healthy future for teenage kids.  See how you can join the foundation and help make a difference HERE.

Back to School Bash with Zappos at Fair Market Austin Event Review (Local Austin, Texas)

This was an Invite Only Event 


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