BookBugs Subscription


BookBugs Subscription

Where Reading Meets Giving

The Importance of Reading Comprehension

The goal of reading is to derive meaning.  If you are unable to understand written words, you will not be able to understand the writer or make use of that information.  I can only compare lack of comprehension to visiting a foreign country and not knowing the language.  It is frustrating and hard to function in everyday life.  I think that is why I find reading comprehension so important in early childhood education.  Giving the gift of books and encouraging our kids to read is a process that develops with practice.  True comprehension is when children can connect and understand the content, characters and sequence of the written word.

Why Reading is Necessary in our Lives

There have been many studies on reading comprehension that reflect negative outcomes for those who are unable to read above the fourth grade level.  Poor reading comprehension skills are linked to crime and poverty while students who master reading skills are able to develop socially, intellectually and emotionally.  The good news for parents is that it is simple to foster reading comprehension at home and one of the biggest ways to get young children interested is by reading to them on a consistent basis.  There are many wonderful ways to get appropriate books for your child’s reading level and companies like BookBug have bundles and subscription packages designed to give your child books for their age range while also being able to provide books to children in need.   

BookBug Subscriptions and Book Bundles

My family has many ways that we acquire new reading material on a regular basis.  We utilize our public libraries, order books through school and I happen to find and review many children’s books that has certainly got my children wanting to read.  Subscriptions and book bundles are a great way to get children excited about receiving new material to read and comprehend on a regular basis.  I am impressed by BookBug’s selection of books and they put together popular and new release books to get your child’s book collection off to a wonderful start.

Stock the Shelf bundles

If you are looking for a way to give your child a jump start on their book collection, check out BookBug’s Stock the Shelf bundles.  There are many different bundles to choose from and I really like the Stock the Shelf bundle 1 since it features books by authors we already know and love.  My oldest loves artsy books and gets engaged with reading materials that she finds interesting.  You will also be excited that for every bundle purchased, BookBug donates a book to a child in need.  Spread the joy of reading in your household and beyond!

BookBug’s Stock the Shelf Collection includes:

  • Crayons  The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Award-winning writer/director of film and TV Drew Daywalt, and New York Times bestseller Oliver Jeffers, create a funny and colorful book about talking crayons who have had enough.  A child’s box of crayons has decided to protest; some colors are being used too much, some not enough and some colors complain about only being used for outlines.  Hilarious and educational reading material for young children.

  • Mix  Mix It Up! by Herve Tullet

Created by the children’s author of the popular book, Press Here, Tullet’s book is perfect for children’s interaction.  This book explores what happens when a child mixes colors together in lovely illustrations.

  • Hat  This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

The second book of the New York Times best-selling and award-winning book I Want My Hat Back.  This is Not My Hat is the 2013 Caldecott Medal winner and brings a lesson of morality.  Just because you can get away with something, doesn’t mean it is right!  Great lesson and beautiful pictures.

Book Donations:  For every three books purchased through BookBugs, they will donate one to a child in need.  Check out their Partners page to see more.

BookBugs Subscription

List Price: $ 6.99 – $ 14.99 (Monthly)  Note:  Bundle purchases are also available!

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