Nautical Feeding Set by RePlay Recycled


Nautical Feeding Set by RePlay Recycled

 Children’s tableware, made in the USA from recycled milk jugs!

Hey!  It’s almost Fourth of July!  What better way to show your patriotism and capitalism than by purchasing USA-made products?  Wait, how about purchasing recycled USA-made products for your kiddos, you say?  Even better!

It’s an exciting time when we can actually sit down to eat as a family of four and not have to get up a million times because our toddler decided to play food hockey.  Brie is using spoons, forks and drinking out of cups like a champ and it makes us feel good that we can purchase feeding sets that are made with FDA-approved recycled plastic made right here in the USA.  RePlay Recycled feeding sets look cute, have been tested for safety by independent third-party labs, and (our favorite) dishwasher safe!

While you can purchase any of RePlay’s products independently, we love their nautical feeding set because it is safe, useful and travels well.  As all parents know when toddlers start feeding themselves, it is important to have rounded tip utensils and spoons with deep scoops so your little ones don’t get frustrated and start flinging their food.  Yup, learned that from experience.  My favorite item in the RePlay set is probably the No Spill Cup because it is completely leak-proof so while our youngest can drink out of a cup, this one travels like no other with just a one easy to clean silicone valve.  Genius!  The divided plate has lots of room with deep walls so your child gets more tray-to-mouth food ratios!  Feel smart and patriotic by purchasing recycled feeding tools made in the USA by RePlay.

Tip!  Follow RePlay on Pinterest for many great recipes, ideas, pampering and crafts!

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