Lighten Your Load with Selestial’s‏


Lighten Your Load with Selestial’s‏

Green Clean Products that Save Money, Time and the Planet

When I first read about laundry soap, I thought there had to be a catch.  Each month, mygreenfills will send you a pouch (or ten!) of their dry laundry soap that is shipped free to your door.  By mixing their pouch with water in (what they call) the ‘last laundry soap jug you will ever need’ -which is sent to you with your very first order- you are able to get a 50-load laundry soap totally free of chemicals!  And – it’s not just laundry soap that mygreenfills will send you; they offer pouches of fabric softener, color safe brightener, and Enzyme Stain Remover.  All free of “gobbledygook” on your family’s skin!

Mygreenfills laundry soap is everything you need in a laundry detergent, but without chemicals and by using the refill pouches, without waste.  Mygreenfills laundry soap is;

  • Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and 100% Natural
  • Designed for standard and HE machines
  • 3x Concentrated power.  One refill will lasts 50 loads

So now this is when I start looking for a catch…. do clothes get clean?  Are there hidden costs?  Etc.?  I have not found one yet.

The refill pouches contain 2.5 oz of the liquid soap powder.  The all natural ingredients work great to get your laundry clean and can also be applied to stain pre-wash.  The website claims you get 50 loads of laundry for ever 2.5 oz of the refill powder, which is true, if you have a high efficiency washer.  If you have a standard washer, you will need at least 2 oz of the stuff, so cut those 50 loads down to 25.

  • Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Tetra Sodium Salt, Sodium Citrate

To be honest, the laundry soap is great, I love the concept, but it is really the mygreenfills fabric softener that has impressed me.  I’ve been used to washing my clothes with unscented, free of chemical laundry soap since Brooke was a baby and had sensitive skin – but I still like my clothes to ‘smell’ clean, which is why I am picky about fabric softeners.  I was happy to see that Mygreenfills offers their refill fabric softener chemical free pouches with organic essential oils, including my favorite for laundry; lemon, tea tree and lavender.  Delicious!

I am really impressed by this company’s green formula that goes in to something a lot of ‘green’ products are lacking; which is cutting back on waste of their product’s packaging and cost to distribute.  If you are already committed to cutting as many unnecessary toxic chemicals out of your family’s life as possible, like ours, you will probably already be familiar with the ease of using chemical free laundry soap on your clothes.  But, mygreenfills goes one step further, and I know that you, like us, will appreciate the essentially waste-free laundry supply 2.5 oz refill pouches that you mix with plain/room temperature water for 50 loads of your family’s laundry when they arrive (free of shipping charge in an envelope) to your door each month.  It’s smart and innovative and it makes sense.  Why buy jug after jug each and every month of laundry detergent that, even when recycled, takes a lot of energy to reuse, when you can just keep re-using that same jug?  I’m actually quite shocked my parents didn’t think to do this!  It really does save time, energy and is a really simple way to do laundry when the product comes in a little package right to you every month.  Pretty cool.

Save. Simple. Smart.

Want to try their products before committing to a monthly shipment?  Here is the page to see all of My Green Fills products available on their website.

Lighten Your Load with Selestial’s‏

List Price: $ 12.00 for first shipment.  $ 8.00 per month each for 1-2 laundry refill pouches, $ 6.00 per month each for 3-4 refill pouches and $ 5.00 per month for each refill pouch ordered


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