Going to the Park (Liv on Life) (Hardcover)

Going to the Park

Going to the Park (Liv on Life) (Hardcover)

Liv On Life is a series of books by Elizabeth Gorcey that are inspired by and pay tribute to the authentic, fresh perspective of her daughter Olivia, aka Liv.

I first learned and read about a new book series called Liv on Life at the perfect time.  Sometimes things seem so hectic in so many areas in life and it takes my little preschooler to put things back into focus.  You stress until something gives you a very real reason to stress (like our family’s recent car accident); then you realize things weren’t really so complicated in the first place.  Let’s call it a little reality check.  I could also call it ‘Brooke.’   

My daughter Brooke has a tendency to say and do little things at the perfect time that make me want to cry (in that good way), feel so proud and become thoughtful all at the same time.  We have had some life changing events in her almost-five years and she is always so full of energy, happiness and wisdom that it still surprises me that she is so young.  I remember after having a D&C when I miscarried during my second pregnancy, Brooke (not understanding what had happened) was laughing and hugging me at the door as if to say, “Hey, I’M HERE!  You are LUCKY”.  I am lucky and I need to chill out on a much more consistent basis.

That is why I fell in love with a new book series called Liv on Life with the very first book, Going to the Park.

Liv and her Boxer dog are the little voices from our kids that tell us parents how to be PRESENT in our lives.  In this first book in the Liv on Life (aka LOL) series, she convinces her parents that they are stressed out and living too much on technology (guilty!) and they just need a break at the park.  You know, the concept of not being on a computer or a phone all day?  UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX from time to time!  So simple.  So easy.  But sometimes it takes a child to tell us that we need to have fun, we need to take breaks and, darn it, sometimes life is difficult but we need to learn to relax and lean on each other when things seem complicated.  This is awesome family reading for any family who needs to de-stress!

My Interview with Author Elizabeth Gorcey and daughter, Liv:

Q.  I love that you created this book with your daughter, Liv.  Your daughter is now eight, how old was she when you decided that Liv on Life was a book series in the making?

A: I began writing down Liv-isms (Liv’s wisdom sayings) when she was almost 3 years old.  At first I was going to do a gift book with these one liner Liv-isms but it wasn’t working.  That’s when Liv and I started to think of what this story should really be about.  

Q:  My oldest daughter, Brooke, reminds me so much of Liv.  She is certainly my biggest inspiration.  How else besides Liv on Life has having a daughter changed your life?

A:  Having a daughter has changed my life in many ways and has inspired me in many ways besides for the Liv on Life Book Series.  It has made me want to be a better person.  It makes you look at how you are and if you are actually doing what you’re asking your kid to do.  Having a kid reminds one that at any age you can still play like a kid and have that freshness and joy.  It puts life and what’s important in prospective.  Liv also goes to the art studio with me sometimes when she doesn’t have school and her freedom inspires me and influences my artwork as well.  

Q:  Your life has been filled with successful artistic endeavors and some of my readers may recognize you from your earlier movies (Footloose, Teen Wolf, Max Headroom.)  Is print your new medium or do you have other things in the works with Liv?

A:  Liv and I are planning to finish the 12 book Liv On Life Series (Children’s Picture Book).  Then Liv would like to start on a series of chapter books.  While we are doing this we have a series of videos of Liv talking about topics such as “What Makes a Good Teacher”,  “How a Book can be a Friend and Help you Make Friends,” on Positivity, on forgiving, on Marriage etc.  Our next video projects that we plan to do with Liv will be a talk show.  Hoping to film that by this summer.

Q:  Liv, this question is for you!  Besides unplugging from technology, what other ways do you like to encourage your mom to de-stress?

A:  Liv says “to help my mom de-stress I remind her that she is a spiritual person and to breath (while reminding her I am breathing and showing her how which usually makes her giggle).  I have her play miniatures (small scale of everything imaginable- mini animals, furniture, food etc.) with me.   When my mom creates she has fun.  And we have fun walking the dog around the block with my scooter.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me and my Momma’s Bacon readers.  Good luck on your future books.  We will be waiting!

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Going to the Park (Liv on Life) (Hardcover)


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