Mommy and Daughter Dresses by Smokks


Mommy and Daughter Dresses by Smokks

STYLE made SIMPLE for moms and daughters!

My style make-over resolution is slowly happening and there are some really great companies that are helping me become a more stylish momma.  In this case, I was able to bring my ‘fancy’ daughter along for the ride with a mother/daughter line from a New York company called Smokks.

Mommy-and-Me styles can be fun and classy and the A-line dresses at Smokks come in lots of great prints (check out the new Morningside collection or the classic Liberty looks) and are designer duds made to be adorable for moms and their girls (geared towards ages 4-9.)  The dresses are fuss-free, so no zips, buttons, or hooks and they are so soft with simple adjustable hems and can be easily layered all year long.  The A-line dresses are made fabulously loose and 100% cotton so they are made to last at least two years and are great for those of us with skin sensitivities!  I honestly never thought looking stylish could come this easily….

Smokks was created by Hallie Burton, a photog from Australia who has relocated to New York and has worked with clothing brands like Bon Point.  Hallie and her husband wanted to make a simple line for moms and daughters inspired by their own daughter, Pompie.  Yes, beautiful clothes can be simple and comfortable!  I’m so into that notion. Plus, can I just tell you again how awesome these smock-like dresses are?

YES YES, YES, YES!!!  We love the 3/4 sleeves with the soft smocking.  Perfect for all occasions.   

Honestly, just to see how special it is for Brooke to dress like mommy at her age – and not feel embarrassed- is not only worth the combo dress price tags, I am excited to stretch out her excited-ness for as long as possible.  Wearing easy-breezy clothes as the weather heats up feels fantastic and I know we look dressed up without FEELING like we are dressed up!  These dresses flatter us and while I may not be in danger of being a fashionista just yet, I feel like a million bucks whether chasing down Cheerios for Brie or getting Brooke from school in Smokks.  ALL moms should feel as lucky.
smokk  Sure this was after a run, but we still look good!

Mommy and Daughter Dresses by Smokks

List Price: $ Varies

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