Bluebee Pals Bluetooth Buddy


Bluebee Pals Bluetooth Buddy

Bluetooth Enabled, Talking Interactive Plush Toy

As someone who was born on the very end of Generation X, technology and education have gone hand in hand.  Sure, the products that were used in the late 80s now look like they came out of the Stone Age to my oldest, but the concepts are basically the same.  By creating more and more realistic interactions with technology, we would like to not only entertain kids, but also allow them a format to enhance communication and educational tools for learning.  While there is something to be said for good old book learning, I have to admit that technology has been a huge asset to me in achieving my educational goals and I can see the benefit to using it with my kids.

The Bluetooth Buddies were designed with an Entertain, Educate and Communicate concept in mind.  By interacting with your child, there are many ways that a range of learning skills can be provided.  Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Entertain
    The interactive Bluetooth® buddies have embedded Bluetooth® receivers and built-in microphone and speakers to play your child songs, games, and story time books.  Applications can be streamed through this huggable plush whose mouth also moves with the words!
  2.  Educate
    Bluebee Pals are designed to create a fun learning environment. Bluebee Pals can connect to Smart phones, tablets, laptop, MP3 or any Bluetooth®-enabled device and there are hundreds of educational apps you can download to teach your child developmental skills.
  3. Communicate
    The Bluetooth® buddies have the ability to serve as a communication device as well as a portable wireless speaker.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with your child if you are away from home.


Meet the Bluebee Gang!  Here is a great video on all of the Bluebee Buddies and how the device works here.

We really love Riley the Zebra Bluebee Pal and use it the most for reading stories.  We love reading apps where you can follow the words and find this to be a very beneficial process for Brooke’s reading skills.  Learning to pronounce words with their spelling in real-time is a great process when your teacher is a stuffed animal!  It is fun to have Brooke read stories back to me later after she had practice with Riley.

Z  Brie before bed with her buddy, Riley’ or as she calls him, “Z”!

Little Brie seems to think this plush toy is alive and likes to try and stick her hand in his mouth when its talking.  We all get a big laugh out of that although she sometimes tries to run off with Riley while he and Brooke are reading!  Ha.  I imagine it is only a matter of time before she will be using the educational apps, too.

Bluebee Pals are either available online and at Toys R Us.

Recommended Educational Apps! The Bluebee website has a wonderful section of recommended educational apps for you and your little ones to enjoy here with the Bluebee Buddy.  We really enjoy the Spelling City App.

AblePlay Rated!  Bluebee Pals has been AblePlay Approved as a Toy that is beneficial to children with special needs.  Learn more about the benefits of this creative play toy for aiding developmental skills here and a list of special needs apps here.


Bluebee Pals Bluetooth Buddy

List Price: $ 59.99


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