Zoology for Kids (softcover)


Zoology for Kids (softcover)

“A comprehensive introduction to zoology, a description of potential careers and suggestions for hands-on activities for learning or practicing. This useful title [is] a convincing invitation to the wide world of working with animals.”Kirkus Reviews


Does your child dream of becoming a vet?  A wildlife researcher?  A conservationist?  Then check out the latest Chicago Press book entitled Zoology for Kids that is a science and activity book (21 Hands-On Activities!) about all things zoology.  The book comes straight from the source and is written by a Zoologist and his wife, Josh and Bethanie Hestermann.  Your child will learn everything there is to know about the animal kingdom; from what makes an animal an animal to busting common myths such as the chameleon that actually changes color based on their mood.  The activities are fun and interesting like baking edible animal cells.  How cool!  While this book is jam-packed with peer-review research, children ages 9+ will have no problem learning animal history with the entertaining information and lots of color photos to enjoy.  Fantastic!

Check it out!  The foreword is from the adventurous brothers behind Wild Kratts, Martin and Chris Kratt!

Zoology for Kids (softcover)


List Price: $ 18.95

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