The Early Years Curriculum Set (2-5 Years, Math)

The Early Years

The Early Years Curriculum Set (2-5 Years, Math)

Awarded with the Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center

 A great way to introduce the wonderful world of numbers by skip counting and pip counting!

So what is skip and pip counting for those of us who live on opposite sides of the pond?

Well, pip or skip counting dates back as early as biblical times and mentioned in the game of Backgammon.  See, Backgammon is not really a game of MATH…it’s a game of STRATEGY and POSITION.  Players are able to determine their position in this race by calculating the difference between the number of pips (units of distance or spaces on the board your pieces travel.) In order to win the game you need to get all your checkers home and off the board, and understand the number your opponent needs.  The result of this sort of calculation is called the pip count and is calculated through the technique known as pip counting.

It is also a GREAT WAY for children to start to begin to understand strategy and counting without much formal mathematical knowledge. 

So WHO are The Multiples?

It is always cool to see how kids in the UK are learning early education in subjects like math and here is a cool product I found called The Multiples.  Professor One Hoot is the main  character from The Multiples. His goal and that of The Multiples is to get children excited and comfortable learning about numbers. Brooks Addington is the President of Realtimes Products LLC, a Vermont based company responsible for manufacturing and distribution of The Multiples times table plates.  The characters were created in the UK by Jo and David Clancy both educators.

“And you do Addition?” the White Queen asked.
“What’s one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?”
“I don’t know,” said Alice. “I lost count.”
—Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass.

X1: Professor ONE Hoot
X2: Madame TWO Moos
X5: Porky FIVE Bellies
X10: Goatee TEN Beards

Suggested Age for the Early Years Set: 2-5 Years, Set includes a 9″ diameter plate, 7.5″ diameter bowl, 4.5″ tall tumbler, and 6.5″ diameter plate.

Check it out!  High quality 100% melamine with glossy finish. BPA free. Designed in UK. Dishwasher safe.  Be sure to check out the additional Curriculum Sets for older kids!

The Early Years Curriculum Set (2-5 Years, Math)

List Price: $ 34.99


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