My Quotable Kid (Personalized Memory Journal for Parents) *Discount Code*

My Quotable Kid

My Quotable  Kid (Personalized Memory Journal for Parents)

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for moms with young children!  Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 11, 2014!

Recently Brooke said that she was a princess. Daddy was a king and I was a queen. I asked, “Does that mean Brie is a princess since she is your sister?” Brooke was quick to say, “No. Brie is a talking frog.”

We laughed and laughed.  I texted this hilarious bit that I was certain was better than anything on late night stand-up to friends and family and even posted it on Facebook.  Then, I forgot about it.  Until now.  Doing this review.  Hmmmmm…..I wonder if I had not thought about it again if it would have been lost in time and we would never get to tease Brooke and Brie about it as teens.  Now, that would be a sad story.

You know, it is so hard to get great gifts for Mother’s Day that are useful, thoughtful and meaningful.  MyChronicleBooks, specializing in personalized books and gifts, has two great personalized memory journals for adults – My Quotable  Kid and One Line a Day – that are the perfect gifts for moms with young children for Mother’s Day.  For me, My Quotable Kid was exactly the type of memory journal I need in my life.  I am constantly thinking, ‘I should really write this down’ when Brooke says something clever or hilarious and usually forget.  Now I am able to jog my memory and have been really good about writing it down in this personalized book (it is very hard to miss on your night stand!)  One day I want to look at Brie and said, “Brooke said you were a talking frog when she was little” and have a laugh.  My Quotable Kid is definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

Discount Code from Chronicle Books with a Momma’s Bacon Exclusive!  You will receive a 25% discount with the code MYCB-SAVE25 on checkout through the Chronicle Books website.  The code is good until July 31, 2014!

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My Quotable  Kid (Personalized Memory Journal for Parents)

List Price: $ 39.99

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