Bendi Baby Yoga Mat

Bendi Baby 2 bendi baby

Bendi Baby Yoga Mat

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Have you ever been to a Mommy and Me Yoga Class?  The first time I went with my older daughter, Brooke, I almost left in the middle.  I had a very hard time doing yoga and she was very wiggly and fussy.  That is when I stopped and looked around and it was a mixed bag of mom’s nursing sobbing babies to mom’s doing expert tree poses while their adorable babies slept.  I relaxed.  We were all in this together.  I’m so glad I stayed and had some great conversations after class.  By eighteen months Brooke knew how to do a few yoga poses that were impressive including an even better downward dog than I could do.  We have matching yoga mats and like to practice together now.  With my youngest daughter I knew I wanted to start doing yoga with her as soon as I could.  I saw these adorable baby yoga mats that were not just cute they are functional.  Yes, please!

Bendi Baby was a brilliant idea of yoga mom, Brooke Kochel.  As a yoga mom, she knew how moms like me would have a need for children’s yoga mats.  Brooke’s background is impressive; Master’s Degree in Child Development, Midwife, yoga student under Shiva Rea for six years.  Yeah, wow!  The idea for Bendi Baby Yoga Mats came to her during a stint at her family’s farm in Arkansas with her young daughter (they have since added another baby to their tribe.)  It is a healthy way to incorporate a healthy lifestyle to your kids and is an excellent bonding time with your child.  I love the size of the mat as well as the microban antibacterial and mat ring- which is pure genius and something I have never seen.  I love this product and it is not just for yoga time.  I smiled at Brooke’s list of ways to use the mat when not in class since I’ve been guilty of all of them on several occasions.  I will include some of the list below for all you yogis.  If you do not have this mat, it is time to take a look!  Love and Light.

Other Uses:

  • Stretching, Playtime, Tummy Time
  • Naps
  • Baby Massages
  • Diaper Changes: Think public restrooms!
  • Travel & On the Go

Check it out!  Make sure to check out Bendi Baby’s Yoga Mats for Tots (Ages 1-5) for big brothers and sisters.

Bendi Baby Yoga Mat

List Price: $30.00

2 thoughts on “Bendi Baby Yoga Mat

  1. What kinds words!!! Hearing mamas praise and seeing the kiddo pics on the mats make this journey worthwhile! Mamas, follow our Family Yoga Lifestyle @bendibaby on Instagram too 🙂 Mamaste Ya’ll…

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