Move Like An Animal CD (Toddlers+)

Move Like An Animal

Move Like An Animal CD (Toddlers+)

Birdie’s Playhouse Creates Upbeat, Catchy Music with a Latin Twist that Gets Kids to Shake their Tail Feathers!

What better way to get a happier and healthier toddler or preschooler in 2014 than to incorporate music and movement in their life?  Birdie’s Playhouse CD called Move Like An Animal does just that.  Birdie’s Playhouse (BP) released both an English version of their new kids music CD, Move Like An Animal, along with a Spanish-language version Muévete Como Los Animales. Very cool.  The songs have a lot of fantastic references to animals, which has been really fun for Brooke and I to dance to, especially the song ‘Move Like An Animal’.  Birdie’s last two children’s CDs won a Gold National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA) and a Parent’s Choice Award, so I look for this CD to also win some major accolades in 2013 and 2014. Oh, and be sure to be on the lookout for a Birdie’s Playhouse live show!  The group performs 60 to 100 shows each year (wow!) although most are located in California so Birdie can spend more time with her family.  Awwww.

Track Listing (English Version)

1. Playhouse Chant
Move Like An Animal
3. Monarch Butterflies
Chimpanzees Are Like You and Me
5.  I’m a Toucan
6. Hop Hop Hop
7. Running Far
8. Big Feelings
9.  Furry Belly Dance 
10.  Sea Turtles
11.  A Big Bumblebee
12. Snail Cha Cha
13.  Dolphins 

CD Lyrics (In Both Spanish and English):  Go to Birdie’s lyrics page here for all the lyrics on the CD!

Check it out!  Birdie’s shop also has some wonderful and colorful streamers to enhance a child’s music and movement activity for just five dollars each!  Check out this video here at how you incorporate streamers into music movement!

Move Like An Animal CD (Toddlers+)

List Price: $ 12.99 (CD)

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