Svetlana Hand Warmers (Pre-K- Age 6)


Svetlana Hand Warmers (Pre-K- Age 6)

Keeping Girls Comfortable, Cozy and Stylish

There is something about kids and finger gloves that drives us all batty.  Somehow the little pinky never goes in the right hole and then it just ‘feels funny’.  What should take 10 minutes to get ready and leave takes a full thirty minutes with us putting on Brooke’s gloves one finger on at a time.  Welcome, hand warmers!  Their fingerless gloves are perfect for the job of the empowered child to put on their own cozy gloves with the bonus of looking cute.  I am in love with the gray colored hand warmers that give Brooke an air of sophistication in the cold winter months (a little tongue in cheek since we do live in Texas).  The hard warmers are also super soft (100% Cashmere – oh la la!) with a beautiful knit pattern.  My daughter is officially more stylish than me!

Svetlana Hand Warmers (Pre-K- Age 6)

List Price: $48.00

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