Dot. {Hardcover} (Ages 4-8)


Dot. (Ages 4-8)

This is Dot.  Dot Knows A Lot. 

While Randi, Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook Founder) sister, is not trying to use her brother’s fame to break into the book business the similarities of the Zuckerberg famous name are there.  Initially I was a little hesitant in reading this book because while we do appreciate and use technology on a daily basis, it is not something I want to do 24/7.  Our family spends plenty of time outdoors and doing non-electronic activities that I did not think this book would talk about, but I was wrong.  To tap, touch and tag are all language we use in both electronic and non-electronic play which is what this book drives home.  Dot is not just a lover of technology that she uses to her full advantage, she also loves to go outside and play games with her friends.  I think Randi did a great job at putting emphasis on the importance of integrating technology into our lives and not the other way around for kids.  Our next generation may have a tricky time with the world of social media and the importance it can play in all aspects our life, so let us hope they take this message to heart!

Dot. (Ages 4-8)

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