Original Dew Puff (For Skin of All Ages)

Dew Puff

Original Dew Puff (For Skin of All Ages)

Pure Plant Fiber Sponge for Gentle Daily Skin Care

When it comes down to it, I can describe what I really want from a skin care product in one word; gentle.  That’s not to say I don’t want an effective product but I know from experience I can have both.  I do try to keep as many chemicals off my face and definitely don’t want them near my kids as much as humanly possible.  Sure there was a time and place for those 99 cent make-ups and who knows what else I tortured myself with when I first started wearing make-up (which was in my twenties, believe it or not!).  However, breakouts and just the grimy feeling of junk on my face (and, admittedly, the more income I acquired), the more I hunted down all-natural products that felt good and were good for me.  I also like to save money when I can (you know, the whole one income thing) so I like products the whole family can use and I found one in the Original Dew Puff!

I found the original Dew Puff on my quest to come up with a natural sponge that would be gentle on my baby’s skin.  What I found were sponges that were fantastic for parents (especially pregnant moms!) as well as children and baby’s delicate skin.  It actually cleans without drying which is amazing.  How does it work? Well, it’s actually made from a native plant root from Asia called konjac, which is regarded for health and medicinal properties.  It has been used for cleaning and gently exfoliating skin because it has a natural ability to break down dirt and help with circulation without hurting skin.  Skin will stay naturally hydrated and is completely 100% chemical free.  Interested yet?  The different varieties of Dew Puff may pique your interest, then!  It comes in the Original Dew Puff (my favorite for the entire family), Bamboo Charcoal for blemished skin, and Asian Clay for absorbing impurities. Dew Puffs are safe to use on a daily basis and the only thing you need to add is water!  You can use Dew Puffs with your favorite cleanser and Dew Puff’s website also offers some soaps and shampoos for those interested.  Gentle cleaning!

Original Dew Puff (For Skin of All Ages)


List Price: $ 7.00

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