Baby Pamper Gift Set (For Babies)


Baby Pamper Gift Set (For Babies)

USA Made.  Rosie Proud!

What U.S. woman does not know about Rosie the Riveter?  You know, that huge American icon ad during WWII as a symbol of perseverance and strength?  Her ‘We Can Do It’ slogan was and is so powerful that this poster has lasted decades as a vision of female empowerment.  That’s one really cool thing about Rosie Made LLC products; they are all done with female resources.  Wow!  For each purchase you make through the site you are not only supporting an American product, but a female entrepreneur.  Pretty cool.  Of course, since all my friends are having babies these days, I am always looking for cool baby shower gifts and Rosie has a gem in their Baby Pamper Gift Set!

The Baby Pamper Gift Set is an all-natural set perfect for new moms to use on their newborns.  The set comes in an adorable tin and has awesome ‘baby bum’ balms and goats milk soap.  I love the combinations of essential oils used in each product.  Yum.  The particular vendor that makes this product is called Mathair Earth (meaning ‘Mother’ in Gaelic) by owner Cecilia located in Boise, Idaho.  Locally produced color and scent – oh my!  Don’t forget to check out all of their other product lines through the Rosie Made website below!

Baby Pamper Gift Set (For Babies)

List Price: $ 32.00

5 thoughts on “Baby Pamper Gift Set (For Babies)

  1. Oh who this is lovely – I shall definitely keep it in mind should any friends be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet 🙂 x

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