Greenerways Organic Bug Spray (All Ages)

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Greenerways Organic Bug Spray (All Ages)

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I’m a Yankee.  Shhhh!  Yes, I am posing as a Texan now, but most of my life was spent up north although each year I spend in Austin, the closer I feel as a semi-native.  Hey, I am directly related to Sam Houston, so that has to count for something, right?  I imagine my Texan-born children will have something to say about it when they get older (I am the ONLY non-Texan in the household except my lone Yankee friend, Bella the Cat).  The one thing I still can’t get over as a non-native is how hot and buggy this place gets in the heat of the summer months.  I imagine the winter months in Ohio keeps the bugs a little smaller and less intrusive but that is just a guess.  My first summer in Austin I had my stuff in storage for several months and when I finally unpacked (and, silly me, inside) – holy cow – you would have thought I was unleashing a personal bug collection.  One of my photo albums still has a stain from an overreaction to the first escaped poor bug.  I was not prepared!  I have learned.  I also look for USDA organic spray for the kiddos unless otherwise advised by the pediatrician under major circumstances like when there was a West Nile outbreak in the area like last summer *shudder*.  Greenerways has an awesome bug spray made with only natural USDA organic certified oils to keep the bugs at bay that also smells *gasp* pleasant!  This product has NO added chemicals and is also safe for pregnant women and pets.  The two ounce bottle is perfect for our diaper bag and it will be kept in stock in our household all bug season long.

Greenerways Organic Bug Spray (All Ages)

List Price: $ 4.49 (2 oz. bottle)

6 thoughts on “Greenerways Organic Bug Spray (All Ages)

  1. I can’t stand the smell of some of the bug sprays. Gross! I’m glad to hear that this doesn’t have that unbearable smell. Also, organic is the best way to go. Safer and healthier for the family and environment. Thanks for this. I will be looking into this for camping trip in August!

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