Lice Defense Family Kit (Lice Prevention for Families)

Lice Defense

Lice Defense Family Kit (Lice Prevention for Families)

Use Lice Defense Prevention System before the Lice Come Home!

Here’s a fun fact for you: There are six to twelve million cases of head lice in the United States annually.  My daughter has gotten a lot out of going to preschool.  Her friends, her teachers, her learning and….the dreaded sickness and ickiness that gets passed around the school.  The latest outbreak was foot and mouth (ugh) and there are also sniffles and sneezes throughout the year.  Probably the grossest thing that makes me shudder to think about is the dreaded lice epidemic.  I remember those school nurses with their latex gloves and alcohol smell combing through each child’s hair to see who the ‘lucky ones’ who had bugs in their hair when I was in school. *Shudder* If lice has been spotted in your school or if your child is camp bound, it is probably a good idea to send them (and equip the family) with some defense!

Lice Defense Family Kit is a lice prevention system to keep the nasty bugs at bay and in a natural way.  The most common lice break-out in schools is when kids are first going back to school but that doesn’t mean it can’t hit at other times (slumber parties, playgrounds, etc.).  The Lice Defense Kit contains a special blend of essential oils like tea tree and andiroba with a pleasing lavender scent to keep your house a lice-free zone.

Lice Defense Family Kit Contains:

  • Lice Defense Shampoo
  • Lice Defense Leave-in Conditioner
  • Lice Defense Styling Gel
  • Lice Defense Hairspray

Remember!  Lice can strike anyone at anytime and does NOT reflect a person’s poor hygiene or socio-economic status.  They also cannot be transferred to pets so Fido or Fifi will be safe!

Lice Defense Family Kit (Lice Prevention for Families)

List Price: $43.00

6 thoughts on “Lice Defense Family Kit (Lice Prevention for Families)

  1. I’ve heard of products that get rid of lice but never products that defend against them, this seems like something that would be great to have if you have kids 🙂

  2. Lice are nasty nasty little creatures. When we adopted our first daughter she had head lice and I didn’t know it. Actually never even heard of them until then. I figured it couldn’t be much different than fleas – which I was entirely familiar with. Boy was I wrong. I nearly had a stroke trying to get rid of those crazy bugs and spent thousands throwing out stuff. She had them for so long before I had the opportunity to treat. To this day the mere thought of them makes me very nervous. Anything to keep them out of a person’s house is worth it’s weight in gold!

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