Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls – Dolphin Voyage (Age 3+)

Shark Voyage

Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls – Dolphin Voyage (Age 3+)

Imagine. Discover. Inspire.

If you have not noticed a night time theme throughout my blog it is probably because you haven’t followed closely.  I absolutely love night time things that light up and relax you for sleep.  As someone who suffered from childhood insomnia I love to make the kiddos rooms nice and relaxed and ready for sleep.  Brooke still uses her Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room every single night and now we have a new Wild Walls Dolphin Voyage light up and FX Activator mount for Brie’s nautical themed room.  Thank you, Uncle Milton, for making nighttime so special in our household!

The Dolphin Voyage Wild Walls is a peel ‘n stick decal of an underwater scene with a dolphin over 24 inches long!  There is a separate FX activator light that mounts to the wall that has a light effect that spreads over twenty square feet to light up the beautiful scene with an added bonus of real undersea animal sound effects.  Yes, it is as cool as it sounds.  The beauty of it is the activator can be placed around 4 feet off the ground so if your little ones can’t reach, it can be enjoyed by children of all ages and, yes, even in a nursery.  The activator takes 3 AA batteries that are included and there is an automatic timer that will shut off after twenty minutes.  Perfect time for dreamland!

Coming soon!  Uncle Milton will have licensed versions available soon for Spider-Man, Iron Man, Little Mermaid, and Tinker Bell for the slightly higher price of $34.99.

Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls – Dolphin Voyage (Age 3+)


List Price: $ 29.99

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