Product Review: Nothing Ever Happens At The South Pole {Hardcover} (Ages 4-8)

Nothing ever happens at the south pole

Product Review:  Nothing Ever Happens At The South Pole {Hardcover} (Ages 4-8)

From the Creators of the Berenstain Bears!  The Berenstain Bears are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2012!

I pretty much have all the Berenstain Bears books on the market from my childhood (thank you, mom, for keeping my books safe for me).  Well, at least that is what I thought until I learned that over 340 Berenstain Bear books have been published since the creation 50 years ago (I probably own about 40 different soft covers I gathered over time)!  It’s actually very special to me that they came out with the 50th anniversary re-releases for Stan and Jan Berenstain so I can share it with my daughter.  Their writing is like an old friend and, while I love the Bears, I also like this book they created separate from the Bears (this was the first book they did after the publication of ‘The Big Honey Hunt’, the first Berenstain book in 1962).  I actually read the ‘The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers’ recently to my child which is an excellent book for kids about being a cautionary tale about kids about stranger danger without scaring children, but I really love all of the books.  But did you know why they decided to do a different book without the Bears for kids?  It was actually Dr. Seuss that said never do the same thing twice for kid’s books.  Dr. Seuss changed his tune after the huge success of the first Bears book was so successful!  Ha!  Although I am glad Dr. Seuss decided they should do the same thing again, ‘Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole’ is a great read for kids.

‘Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole’ is re-released for the 50th anniversary edition this year in 2012 by the famous children’s book authors, Stan and Jan Berestain.  The book follows a cute little penguin around the South Pole as he decides what to write in his brand new journal.  Snowballs, giant whales and run ins with polar bears float throughout this book as the penguin tries to figure out if there is anything worth noting.  While the title of the book gives away the ending, it is the journey not the destination that makes this book great.  It is a funny read for kids and a great reminder to adults to stop and look around.  There is always something interesting and exciting to document!

The Family Name Continues….  Sadly, Stan died in 2005 and Jan just this year in 2012, but their son, Mike, still creates Berenstain Bear books from his studio in Pennsylvania.

Another Bears Re-Release for the Holidays!  Check out the Berenstain Bears Old-Fashioned Christmas!

P.S.  Yes, I do realize that due to its harsh climate there are no native resident plants or animals at the South Pole.  It is a children’s book, but something to note!

Nothing Ever Happens At The South Pole {Hardcover} (Ages 4-8)

List Price: $10.99 (Currently on for $ 8.20)

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