Product Review: A Little Book of Sloth {Softcover} (Age 5+)

Product Review:  A Little Book of Sloth {Softcover} (Age 5+)

Coming Out March 2013! 

I have an awesome scoop for my animal lovers out there!  Did you see the Animal Planet Documentary Based on Sloths?  It first aired in December 2011?  Of course, you did!  You know the documentary with the adorable sloth orphan baby, Buttercup.  Awwww.  Buttercup is what started the sloth sanctuary, Aviarios del Caribe, and Buttercup is their queen.  And her sole decree in her kingdom?  EVERYONE CHILLS!  After all, that is what sloths do best.  So, kick back, relax and get to know some fascinating facts about the world’s oddest animal!

Author, Lucy Cooke, captures the Animal Planet Documentary in literary form that is perfect for children five years and up.  My daughter is younger than the recommended age and she loved looking at all the baby sloth pictures in the book which are in abundance.  The book is fantastic because it talks about the difference between sloths in the wild and sloths in the sanctuary and there is lots of fun facts sprinkled into the text.  For example, wild sloths are very solitary animals while sanctuary sloths make friends for life.  One part in the book will make most children laugh and it’s the way sloths go to the bathroom.  I won’t spoil it but it involves a poo pole.  Ha.  No matter if sloths grow up in the sanctuary or the wild, one thing is for sure, they like to JUST CHILL.  Sounds like more chilling is the perfect New Year’s Resolution to me!

Did you know?  Sloths are the only mammals with extra neck vertebrae and can turn their heads up to 270 degrees!  Ouch!

Want to Join the Sloth Appreciation Society?  Check out their website at

A Little Book of Sloth {Softcover} (Age 5+)

List Price:  $16.99 (Currently on sale for $13.59 at Simon and Schuster pre-order)

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