Product Review: Miscarriage Comfort Basket (Gift for the Healing from the Loss of a Child)

Product Review: Miscarriage Comfort Basket (Gift for the Healing from the Loss of a Child)

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I don’t know if most women who suffer a miscarriage end up telling others.  I first had to ask friends to watch our daughter since I had to have a D&C as I was too far along to pass the baby naturally very easily and I felt very alone and wanted Bob with me.  Then, I had to get a dr’s note for work.  Then, because I was into my second trimester, we had told just a few key people we were expecting Baby #2.  Crap.  I knew it would start getting weird if I wasn’t getting any bigger and I had to tell those I had at least told what happened.  When I did first open up it was to a few people they did not know how to respond and neither did I.  It wasn’t until a very good friend of mine, who I texted, said…after a pause…’I had to go through it, too.  I’m sorry’ that I felt a little comfort.  I was SHOCKED.  What?  But, we are good friends!  Why did I not know?  It was not like it happened before we met.  I was floored.  I admit I am now one to talk more openly and while some things seem better off unsaid, I realized later this was not one of those things I could keep inside for me.  Still in somewhat of a shock, I talked to my circle of Yoga Moms who I met through my first pregnancy and the response was staggering.  More people than you know have suffered a miscarriage….late term, early term, did it matter?  Not really. They all felt the same way in a sense.  It is a loss that you feel, it is a guilt you don’t understand and a longing for what you believe could have been.  And you still feel…alone.  Healing is the best thing to do, but we are women and sometimes we keep going even when we need to stop in order to heal.  I love the idea of sending a Miscarriage Comfort Basket to those you know who just suffered a loss of a child.  We need to take time to ourselves and we need to comfort and support ourselves and those who are reading this who haven’t had to deal with a miscarriage, I am glad for you.  I am also glad that for those of you who are reading this and are grappling with how to respond if your friend ever confides a loss to you, you  have a fantastic way to send them comfort – in basket form.

Set Includes:

  • Seeds Of Hope
  • Light Of My Heart Candle
  • Healing Heart Mist

The Miscarriage Comfort Basket is an all natural, herbal-based product gift basket to soothe an aching body and heart. The Candle is a clean burning soy aromatherapy candle to help with comfort.  The Healing Heart Mist is a blend of essential oils to ease sadness.  The Seeds of Hope are organic herbal calendula seeds that are easily sown for hope and caring.  Give the gift of healing, caring and a sense of bereavement to a grieving mother.  These are lovely scents with a beautiful message of support all in one place.  We might not have the right words to say when a mother loses their child, but a healing gift basket will do the talking for you, and the mother will not soon forget.

Note:  Healing Baskets are a great resource for all types of women’s support (cancer, divorce, etc…). Check out their extensive collection online.  Here is some scoop:  Healing Baskets recently launched a new site called Happiness Baskets and you can check it out here.

Special Message from Momma’s Bacon:  I wrote these three grieving support posts on miscarriage months ago to include on my blog on my anniversary of my miscarriage and decided to continue and follow through to have them go live.  These posts are in no way related to the topic of the Newton Massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary school that tragically happened on Friday.  I can not begin to imagine the sadness these families who lost their loved ones are feeling.  I mourn with the rest of our country and continue to hold my child and family close as each day is a precious gift that can be taken from us without a moment’s notice.  Rest in Peace.

Miscarriage Comfort Basket (Gift for the Healing from the Loss of a Child)

List Price:  $35.00

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