Product Review: Happy Cat Kit (Age 4+) *Stocking Stuffer for CATS*

Product Review:  Happy Cat Kit (Age 4+)

Bringing Learning to Life

Our cats are…..spoiled.  Yes, I will admit it.  They are so spoiled they have to have a can of cat food at the same time each day, eat only cat food without fillers and get the best litter on the market with one giant box so they can easily share.  SPOILED.  They also sleep in our bed and get fresh water daily and we celebrate their birthdays and holidays together.  They even get Christmas stockings.  Sigh.  However, we are of the notion that you don’t get an animal unless you take great care of them.  We translated that to spoiling because, well, cats are special animals and have a small life expectancy, so why not make every day special.  We also love to get our cats cat nip and recently realized that the ‘real thing’ (AKA stuff that doesn’t come pre-packaged) is the ‘good stuff’.  After seeing Mr. Meowmer roll over like an idiot and go bonkers we decided that the Happy Cat Kit was THE perfect gift for the holidays which means we need to start growing soon!  We love to see our cats happy and, as we have older cats, any time they get excited gives us joy.  If you want your cat to be happy this holiday season, I suggest this awesome kit that is almost idiot-proof to create.  Two paws up to all the crazy cat lovers out there.  We salute you here at Momma’s Bacon!

Each Complete Kit Includes:

  • Catnip Seeds
  • Windowsill Greenhouse
  • Planting Mixture
  • Instructions and Information Sheet

Check it out!  Dunecraft also carries a smaller version called the Micro-Terrarium, which is just as cute and functional for the kitties we love.

Happy Cat Kit (Age 4+)

List Price:  $9.99

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