Product Review: Justin Roberts CD Lullaby (All Ages)

Product Review:  Justin Roberts CD Lullaby (All Ages)

“One of the finest members of Chicago’s hip kids’ music scene.” – Chicago Sun-Times. Release Album Release Date of November 20, 2012!

So when USA Today calls you the ‘Paul McCartney’ of kid’s music, I stand up and take notice.  Not only has Justin won countless Children’s Music Awards, he is also Grammy-Nominated for his album ‘Jungle Gym’.  Wow.  Plus, Justin is releasing his very first collection of original nighttime songs for families, so I had to have it!  Here’s something you might not know about Justin, but LOVE, is he used to be a Montessori preschool teacher by day and in an indie-rock band Pimentos for Gus by night in Minneapolis.  Awesome.  I guess the two loves forged together to create Justin Roberts Kindie Music Man and it has been a huge success ever since that first album, ‘Great Big Sun’ from 1997.  Besides, kiddie mosh pits are cute.

Justin’s ‘Lullaby’ is a departure from his usual poppy and rocky albums, this is all about the wee hours before bedtime songs.  While Justin composed and arranged all of the songs on Lullaby, there is a multitude of instrumentals from Justin’s usual ‘Not Ready for Naptime Players’ to members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing on harp, horns, oboe and many stringed instruments it would made your head spin.  On the non-instrumentals, Justin brings in an impressive cast of singers from vocalists on the Chicago production of the musical Hairspray and other members of the ‘Not Ready for Naptime Players’.  The result is a very sweet and dreamy nighttime album great for families and even some great nighttime songs for new older siblings (Check out Track 2).  Our personal favorite song is “A Wild One” which is admittedly in a Van Morrison-esque nod, it definitely made us all laugh at tucking an energetic child to bed.  Brilliant!

Tracking Listing

1        Count Them As They Go
2        What The Stork Sent
3        Nothing on You
4        Heart Of Gold
5        All For You
6        Polar Bear
7        No Matter How Far
8        Easier To Do
9        Wild One
10    Lullaby

Upcoming Shows!  Get updates and ticket links at Justin Roberts’ TOUR page.
November 17 ~ Magnificent Mile Lights Festival, Chicago
November 18 ~ Smithwick Theater, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA
December 15 ~ Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami
December 31 ~ Legoland New Year’s Eve
February 23 ~ Symphony Space, NYC

Scoop!  Justin is currently working on his next release set for 2013 called ‘Recess’!

Justin Roberts CD Lullaby (All Ages)

List Price:  $13.15

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