Product Review: Stocking Stuffer from KIWI Shop Online (For Families!) *Stocking Stuffer*

Product Review:  Stocking Stuffer from KIWI Shop Online (For Families!)  *Stocking Stuffer*

Shopping for Families the Natural and Organic Way!

I am so excited that two of my most favorite people I have met doing product reviews, Sarid Ditton and Nichole Groat, have started a brand new endeavor.  I first met them as a customer and a huge supporter of their Wee Can Too Art products since Brooke was six months old when we started experimenting with finger painting.  I love following their new creations which support natural and organic products (Check out my Wee Can Too All Natural Easter Egg Dying Kit review here).  I am thrilled to announce that they have have launched in a new online site called KIWI Shop!  I just had to review their favorite product for a stocking stuffer for little ones for my Momma’s Bacon readers so you can see the awesomeness of this website.  While I haven’t tried everything in this shop, I love what I have tried so far and my favorite has to be the naturally safe finger paint from Wee Can Too!  Anyone with small children who are worried about kids eating paint can start them off on the right path and give them a ‘taste’ (sorry, no pun intended) of art with their awesome tottle (aka the cool bottles to shake the water in to make the paints) set of five colors.  Just add water to the fruit and veggie powders and -voila!- instant safe finger paints!  Love them!  Check it out here and don’t forget to check out their entire e-commerce KIWI store packed full of safe, natural and organic products for our families.  SCORE!  Keep up the awesome work, Sarid and Nichole!

Stocking Stuffer from KIWI Shop Online (For Families!)  *Stocking Stuffer*

List Price:  $ 35.00

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