Product Review: Djeco Origami Faces: Intro to Origami (Age 3+) *Stocking Stuffer*

Product Review:  Djeco Origami Faces: Intro to Origami (Age 3+) *Stocking Stuffer*

A Beautiful and Fun Kit for the Beginning Paper Artist!

Are you looking for a step-by-step entertaining approach to teaching your child the art of origami (aka the Japanese art of paper folding)?  Djeco is a fun French company (through US distributor Hotaling Imports) that believes play is essential to a child’s development and origami is just one small part of the toy product line.  If you have a child who loves art and maybe be at the beginning of being a budding paper artist than this is a great set for the young kids out there to learn this medium!

Djeco Origami Faces: Intro to Origami includes 24 folded faces that include three sheets of stickers for decoration.  The included stickers are for the mouth, eyes and other facial features for the origami faces.  There are simple instructions to fold each included face and the child can then finish off his art with the included stickers.  All of Djeco’s art work has bold graphics and unique illustrations that work well with its children’s products and this is certainly an inventive way to introduce origami.

Did you know?  Hotaling Imports also has high end lines of European Toys called Papo and Let Toy Van!        

Djeco Origami Faces: Intro to Origami (Age 3+) *Stocking Stuffer*

List Price:  $ 9.07

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