Product Review: Escalator CD by David Tobocman (All Ages)

Product Review:  Escalator CD by David Tobocman (All Ages)

Musical dad with a large collection of fun, memorable songs for kids to learn, grow, adapt, and feel safe in a big world!

This is David’s third children’s album and perhaps because I am just envisioning him being such a hands-on dad with his two daughters like my own husband, I enjoy listening to his very sweet family-based lyrics.  Only a daddy would write something called ‘The Owie Song’.  This is a super fun album about being free and having fun on an open road….with a family camper strapped to the car, of course!  Nope, this isn’t a mid-life crisis album, it is about celebrating vacation time (or just time together) with our kids.  How adorable is that?  I love hearing about how our country is a great country to go exploring on ‘America’s Our Country’ and ‘Big Train’.  It makes me want to go take a family road trip and just relax through each stop along the way.  This is a fun adventure for the entire brood.  Love it!

Want to listen to sample tracks?  Click this link to hear more!

Track Listing:

1. Escalator
2. Custom Family Spaceship
3. Born to Rock
4. Gonna Be a Garbage Man
5. The Owie Song
6. Playin’ on a Sunday
7. Run Run, Race Car
8. Zoe’s Intro
9. Peace Sign
10. America’s Our Country
11. Big Train

SHHHHHHHH!  Want a good deal for my Momma’s Bacon Readers?  Check this link here to get David’s CD for only $8 dollars!  That is $4 dollars off the listing price!  Wow!  Offer only good for a limited time!

Escalator CD by David Tobocman (All Ages)

List Price:  $ 12.00

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