Product Review: The Barber Of The Beasts CD by Zak Morgan (All Ages)

Product Review: The Barber Of The Beasts CD by Zak Morgan (All Ages)

Sing, Laugh and Learn with Zak Morgan

Well, this made me laugh.  So, as you know, I’m a former Ohioan (and, yes, even a former Cincinnati resident for a few years in adulthood) and a recent story on Zak Morgan, who is promoting a new CD, made me giggle.  Apparently, a Cincinnati teacher recently asked her class of second graders about their favorite famous Ohioans. Along with Thomas Edison and Neil Armstrong, the kids listed Zak Morgan.  Really?  Edison, Armstrong and…….Zak Morgan?  OK!  I will take it.  He is, after all, a Grammy-nominated artist living in Cincinnati whose song writing skills have been linked to the flow of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss.  This is Zak’s fourth family music album and he has compiled an interesting cast of musicians on the CD:  Bootsy Collins, Robbie Fulks , Byron House (Robert Plant), Karin Bergquist (Over the Rhine), and David LaBruyere (John Mayer).  The affect is catchy music, interesting and even educational music to show children learning is fun and being creative is important.  Another equally impressive tidbit on this album is that it features illustrations by the highly acclaimed political satirist, Chris Fox (C.F.) Payne, who also cut his teeth and got his BFA from Miami University.  No, not Florida…..Miami University… Ohio.  C.F.’s amazing work has been featured on the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, The New York Times Book Review, whew..I’ll just stop there because it goes on and on.  One last word on Zak, whether or not he plays shows in the boondocks areas where I grew up in SE Ohio because he has to or because he does it for fun, it is always appreciated from people like me who grew up in those disadvantaged areas that often times get overlooked for musical performers.  Way to go Zak!  Keep going to those smaller counties because the kids love it!

Track Listing

1. Overture
2. First Grade
3. The Barber Of The Beasts
4. Minor Miners
5. Snow Day
6. The White Shark’s Chum
7. The Case of the Dry Markers
8. Nancy Jane
9. The Cricket & The Coin
10. Mister E.
11. Swinging On A Star
12. Let Me In
13. Winter March

Check it out!  Here is an old video off of Zak’s Grammy nominated album with a song called the “The Pox of Chicken’ here!

Coming Soon!  Zak’s music videos will be featured on, and soon a very funny new video for “The Case of the Dry Markers” will be debuting on myKaZooTV (featuring funky star Bootsy Collins and Zak’s grandmother Lily) and its related channels on Vimeo and YouTube.

The Barber Of The Beasts CD by Zak Morgan (All Ages)

List Price:  $9.89

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