Product Review: Today I… 4″ Tin (Conversation Starter for Families)

Product Review:  Today I… 4″ Tin (Conversation Starter for Families)

The Art of Simple Conversation…..Every Table Should Have One!

Look, I completely understand.  After a particularly exhausting (usually mentally because, I admit, I just sit at my desk half the time) day the last thing I feel like doing is having a sparkling conversation at the dinner table.  And, sometimes, stay-at-home parents can seem to have a hard time understanding the issues we have at work while dealing with a heavy tantrum-prone preschooler day (oh, and vice versa, too!).  I do understand we all have those ‘poor me’ scenarios to make us think our life was somehow more difficult than everyone else at one particular time or another (we are excellent at that, aren’t we?) and that’s why I think that good and meaningful family conversations are so important.  While we can say ‘my family means the world to me’, it is like anything in life, you have to develop it and spend time devoted to it so that you keep it on track.  Otherwise, well, it’s just meaningless babble that does not lead anywhere.  Besides, even at my daughter’s age, it is quite interesting to hear what she has to say and I like her to think she has the same amount of conversation time on her topics as the grown-ups.  Nice open-ended conversations topics about your day are a particularly useful and fun way to get things started on those days you don’t know where to begin.

Today I…..4″ tin is a family gift of conversation topics designed to help you reconnect at the end of the day.  It was created by a mom of three, Joanne Lopez, to create meaningful conversations around her own dinner table.  I love how the set is broken down into color coordinated topics of conversation like ‘read about’, ‘practiced’ and ‘played with’.  It seems simple enough, right?  So, what did you do today?  But how often can we get shut down with a ‘nothing’ or dead air.  Ahhhh, let’s take that as a challenge.  We need to work harder.  So, what happened at the play date, did you go to Central Market today?  Now, that’s better.  Did you have any interesting conversations today that you want to share?  It helps if you are genuinely interested, which I have to assume you are if you are reading a family devoted blog, so you are half-way there.  Just remember the cards are to get the conversations started, you can veer in any direction you and your family wants to go.  We have lots of conversations about our cats or, right now, Brooke is learning our full names (*Gasp*, you mean ‘Daddy’ has a first name? What?) for a safety program, so that’s been fun to talk about at the table.  Bob just started back at college so that’s a huge event in our lives that has shifted things around even more.  We are still figuring out how to juggle everything together and it’s good to talk about each day’s event from each family member’s perspective because compassion and empathy happen when you know the other’s story.  The conversation often surprises you and brings your family closer.  So, what did you do today?

Check it out!  Here is the Today I….Blog!

Today I… 4″ Tin (Conversation Starter for Families)

List Price:  $14.50

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