Product Review: Elizabeth Mitchell Blue Clouds CD (All Ages) *Grammy Nominated*

Product Review:  Elizabeth Mitchell Blue Clouds CD (All Ages)

In the Land of Blue Clouds, Anything Can Happen

Is everyone as affected by music as much as I am?  I remember tearing up the first time I heard the song ‘When the Children Cry’ by Whitesnake when it was released as a single on the radio (Shut up, I was only eight years old!) because it was just so sad.  The lyrics, ‘No more presidents and all the wars will end’ resonated with me at even that young of an age.  I also love silly, angry and happy music all the same and folk music always seemed to have a little bit of everything.  I also admit I am in love with Elizabeth Mitchell’s style.  She seems like she stepped out of the 60s/70s and her vibe is totally like the music my mom played me when I was young.  In fact, one of the songs on her latest album Blue Clouds included the song ‘Froggie Went A-Courtin’ which just happened to be a song my mom would sing to us (over and over since it was far) each time we made the annual trek to the dentist when we lived in the middle of Nowhere-ville.

Blue Clouds tells the story of Storey, Elizabeth’s daughter, who took a cross-country trip tour at three and whose favorite bedtime book at the time was ‘The Land of Blue Clouds’.  You can do anything in the land of blue clouds and every day you can dance, hop and sing.  Yes, I want to go there!  And Elizabeth smartly takes you and your kids on that trip.  Plus, if anyone can make a Jimi Hendrix song sound like Joni Mitchell (song 10), it is Elizabeth.  David Bowie, The Allman Brothers Band, Van Morrison and even Bill Withers are all interesting covers that appears on the album that we love from our own childhood (Bob and I, of course) memories.  This is definitely another hit from the Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.  As always, Elizabeth has included a wonderful fold out with artwork and back stories for each song.  Just try to read ‘Circle of the Sun’ and its story and see if you don’t weep like it is 1987 (Whitesnake again).  This is another fantastic CD with a twist on the preservation of folk music that Elizabeth makes all her own.   

Track Listing:

1. Hop Up, My Ladies
2. Froggie Went A-Courtin’
3. Arm in Arm
4. San Toki (Mountain Bunny)
5. Kook
6. I Wish You Well
7. Summer is Icumen In
8. Rollin’ Baby
9. The Little Bird
10. Circle of the Sun
11. Moon Don’t Go
12. Everyone
13. May This Be Love
14. Yuki
15. Blue Sky
16. Blue Clouds

Upcoming Shows! 

  • October 28 – Tricycle Music Festival, San Francisco
  • November 3 – Town Hall, Seattle
  • November 4 – Village Ballroom, Portland, OR
  • November 11 – Eddie’s Attic, Decatur, GA
  • December 8 – One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME
  • December 15 – Symphony Space, NYC

Elizabeth Mitchell Blue Clouds CD (All Ages)

List Price:  $ 14.00

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