Product Review: Uncle Milton’s John Deere Farm Dough (Age 4+)

Product Review:  Uncle Milton’s John Deere Farm Dough (Age 4+)

“Nothing Runs Like a Deere”

When you grow up in an area surrounded by the farmlands and forests of Appalachian Ohio, you just know about the John Deere Company.  The painted green-with-yellow accented agricultural farm and forestry equipment is distinguishable for miles.  John Deere equipment is synonymous with quality and it surprised no one in my high school when a classmate proudly drove his family’s John Deere tractor to our high school on Future Farmers of America Awareness Day to show it off.  It made complete sense to me that the Uncle Milton toy company, who introduced the Ant Farm to the world, would pair up with John Deere in creating a line of products for children that were both educational and of high quality.  In this brand new line, it was the John Deere Farm Dough that really caught my eye!

Uncle Milton’s John Deere Farm Dough is a really entertaining toy that comes in an exclusive John Deere tractor tire container that has the contents of ‘farm’ dough, two farm animals, and 11 vegetables.  The idea is that your child gets to pretend to live on a farm and planting vegetables and taking care of animals all in a fun tire container.  The soft dirt-colored dough is perfect to plant veggies and fun for the animals (a pig and a rooster) to have fun rolling and scratching.  Brooke is a dough fanatic and planting the veggies added to the fun.  I really had no idea how much time she would actually devote to being a ‘farmer’, but it definitely kept her entertained!  Make time for harvesting crops?  Sure!  You can do that, too.  This is a fun interactive toy that bears the John Deere name and sold by Uncle Milton.  Definitely an ‘A’ in my book!

Check it out!  Click here for the Manual.  

About John Deere:  John Deere (1804-1886) was an established blacksmith who moved from his home state of Vermont to Illinois (interestingly to escape bankruptcy) and opened up a repair and manufacturing shop in 1837 at the age of 33.  His cast-steel plow he began selling the first year of his business was forward thinking and an instant success to farmers who were used to using iron or wooden plows.  His steel plow is actually credited with aiding Americans in settling in the Great Plains region during the 19th and 20th century!  John Deere is now headquartered in Moline, Illinois and has approximately 49,000 employees worldwide and sells products in 27 countries.  Wow!

Uncle Milton’s John Deere Farm Dough (Age 4+)

List Price:  $ 9.95

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