Product Review: The Book of New Family Traditions {Paperback} (For Families!)

Product Review:  The Book of New Family Traditions {Paperback} (For Families!)

How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays and Every Day

I am so ready for what I call ‘holiday season’.  You know that time between October and the beginning of January.  Yeah, it’s my favorite time of the year.  I love summer and warm weather, but there is something about the change of the seasons and the fun of days off of work and school.  I am also excited because I have started to create our own family traditions and any products that support quality family togetherness is something I want to check out.  Running Press promised a great read in the Book of New Family Traditions for the modern family and I wanted to test it out for my readers!

The Book of New Family Traditions is a guide on the how-to of great rituals for the holidays (and every day) in this world of virtual networking.  Can you really get your kids away from the computers, iPhones, video games and the television set (or for that matter, the parents…) to have important family time and rituals?  Well, of COURSE you can!  As author, Meg Cox, points out, family rituals provide a sense of community, identity and a place of ‘home’ for families.  Holidays are a great place to start traditions from certain recipes you can cook together to the simple everyday rituals like reading a book before bedtime.  The Book of New Family Traditions actually has three hundred ideas broken into four chapters to bring the fun and ritual back to family life.   There is a section for Ritual Recipes and how to get started, Everyday Rituals (even chores!), Family Festivities and Ceremonies and the Holidays (even Arbor Day).  There is even an appendix for dinner questions, an open adoption ritual and ideas for families of divorce, new parents and grandparents.  This is definitely a modern family plethora of creative ideas to bring families closer together.  Momma’s Bacon approves!

About Running Press: ‘Creative….Engaging…and Lots of Fun.’  Running Press Publishers is headquartered in Philadelphia and is one of the largest independent trade publishers in the United States.  Running Press has been in business since 1972 and creates more than 200 new titles each year under four imprints!  Wow!  Running Press is also a member of the Perseus Books Group.  Look for my upcoming review of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (book with sound and music) from Running Press!

The Book of New Family Traditions {Paperback} (For Families!)

List Price:  $ 16.00

4 thoughts on “Product Review: The Book of New Family Traditions {Paperback} (For Families!)

  1. Wow. Thanks so much for your lovely review of my book, The Book of New Family Traditions! I am new to your blog, but will now follow it. I like your tone and topic, and the fact that you do this independently, not on anyone’s payroll or say-so. If you ever wanted to give away a copy of the book on your blog, let me know.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, Meg! I appreciate the giveaway offer, but I do not do giveaways on my site. I definitely appreciate your generosity and support of my site! Best to you and I LOVE this book! So great for families.

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