Product Review: N is for North Korea [Hardcover] (3 – 8 Years) *Local*

Product Review:  N is for North Korea [Hardcover] (3 – 8 Years) *Local*

Dedicated to Helping Each Child Create the Adult He or She Will Become

Author Trevor Eissler is a Montessori advocate who lives right up the road from me in Georgetown, Texas.  Montessori education makes a deep emphasis on learning about the world and other cultures through interactive materials outside of a child’s own comfort zone.  N is for North Korea is a story of a girl who wants to contact her cousin in South Korea by a balloon.  Her courage and adventurous nature jump off of the page and the book talks a great deal about Korean politics, cultural exploration and family.  This book is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award and is a quality educational book for children and families.

N is for North Korea is the story of Na-young, an eight year old girl living in North Korea who has two pet grasshoppers she loves, who has never met her cousin of the same age in South Korea.  She is curious to know her!  She doesn’t really understand why she can’t call her on the phone or write her a letter.  Her father knew his child was sad and thought of a nice plan to help.  Her father brought her a helium balloon and she decided she could write her cousin a letter and a dress and send it over the demilitarized zone to her cousin.  The balloon wouldn’t float high enough, though.  Darn.  She tried again.  The balloon then floated in the wrong direction.  She tried again.  Na-young was determined to get the letter to her cousin.  The balloon had too much weight!  She had to do something.  Na-young stripped down the content on the string to just a small piece of cardboard with the letter N (the first letter of her name) and added one of her favorite grasshoppers knowing her cousin would just know it was from her.  She watches as the balloon floats high above the sky, past the guards, and watches it disappear far, far away hopeful that her cousin will find it.

Check it out!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of Trevor’s Montessori inspired books at his website here!

Interesting Tidbit:  The illustrator’s mom and family escaped North Korea by rowboat in the darkness, so this book is very special tribute to them.

A Child’s Work is to Create the Man He Will Become.’ – Maria Montessori

N is for North Korea [Hardcover] (3 – 8 Years)

List Price:  $ 20.00

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