Product Review: About Face Game (Age 3+)

Product Review: About Face Game (Age 3+)

When Dropped into their Proper Places.  These Objects Make a Million Faces!

I love when I get a great product scoop for my readers!  It makes me all giddy!  I’m excited to tell you that I was given a sneak peek at eeBoo’s upcoming autumn 2012 product line (see my previous eeBoo review here) and had a chance to review my favorite product from the list, a game called About Face.  This game is a creative child’s dream since you have an opportunity to make faces out of found objects through different game piece images.  I love products that get kid’s imaginations running wild and this one is great for that.

The About Face game by eeBoo contains 160 object image cards with four different types of category cards to represent an anatomical feature (so 40 cards for the category types of hair, eyes, nose and mouth) to create interesting faces through everyday objects.  Leaves for hair?  No problem!  A light bulb for a nose?  Sure!  Your child can make millions of facial combinations with these cards with this entertaining and inspired endeavor.  The About Face game is made with 90% recycled material and printed with soy based inks.

Psst!  eeBoo is also adding new Flash Card options to their product line this autumn, including a set called Opposites (example: matching Push, Pull cards) geared for age 3+ for $3.50.  It looks like a great set!

About Face Game (Age 3+)

List Price: $7.50

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