Product Review: Drawer Organizer Stickers (Toddler +)

Product Review: Drawer Organizer Stickers (Toddler +)

I Know Where It Goes – Drawer Stickers

I am all about letting Brooke learn to take care of her things and folding and putting away her clothes is part of that.  She is getting much better at folding and I was trying to think of ways to help her put her clothes away.  I ran across a fantastic clothing sticker set that give a great visual for kids who are learning to put their clothes away in the (ahem) proper spot.  The sets are broken down by gender and the girls warm clothes weather set includes stickers with the following clothes options; shorts, socks, shirts, skirts, underwear, dresses, bathing suits, tights and pajamas.  How smart!  They are self-stick vinyl clothing stickers and a bonus – it helps babysitters find things much easier, too.  There are lots of sticker colors to choose from and if you don’t see the color you want, you can request a specialty color through Crafterhours to see if they can make it.  Don’t forget to check out the clothing stickers for cold weather in their shop.

About Crafterhours:  I love the Crafterhours phrase that their goods are available subject to naps!  Ha.  This blog and shop were created by two moms, Adrianna and Susan, who started blogging about crafting.  They say that if there is nothing in their store to purchase, it is because their kids are not taking enough naps.  Fair enough!

Drawer Organizer Stickers (Toddler +)

List Price:  $ 5.00

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