Product Review: Storyland Yoga DVD (Geared for Kids 3-8)

Product Review:  Storyland Yoga DVD (Geared for Kids 3-8)

Develop Media to Inspire Kids to Healthy & Sustainable Lifestyles with Fun, Engaging and Educational Activities

Austin has a fantastic array of yoga instructors and locations in the area that I have utilized until I had to make the economic choice of partaking in structured practice through my favorite instructional videos.  My choice was due to the cost of class adding up but it actually allowed me to start thinking about how I could maximize my personal time to incorporate quiet demonstration of one of my favorite pastimes with my daughter.  The Montessori Method speaks to me because I am a firm believer that actions do speak louder than words and one of the ways I believe I can be a great parent is through my own expression.  I made the thoughtful decision to switch gears and start looking for yoga videos I could do that was geared towards children with the idea that Brooke would join in little by little over time until we could eventually practice together.  Sure, the workout is at a slower pace with more information than I need but to start seeing my daughter try to do yoga poses and get more interested in what I am doing over time makes it worthwhile.  It may not seem like young children are paying attention and their attention spans can be very limited, but they are watching, observing (even at tiny increments) and learning a great deal through our demonstration as parents.  I am happy to bring to your attention the wonderful video called Storyland Yoga DVD by Playful Planet.

The Storyland Yoga DVD is an award winning DVD (Parent’s Choice, Mom’s Choice Gold, Dr. Toy’s Best Green Product, and Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice) that makes yoga a fun-filled story time adventure about endangered species for children.  There are two major bonuses to this DVD aside from the natural healthy body aspects of yoga; the DVD packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and the two unique stories presented within the DVD  (Save the Whale and Condor Trek) helps engage our children in an eco-conscious message on top of bringing in imaginative exercise (such as imitating animals) and, really, play.  I love the connecting children with nature aspect (most of the DVD is done in the great outdoors) while incorporating the calm and healthy exercise of yoga with our children.  Instructor Ahmed Fahmy does a very organic method to show kids different yoga poses that makes exercise feel like fun and not work.  We found it calming and relaxing and just plain entertaining.

Don’t just take my word for it!  Check out the Storyland Yoga DVD promo video here!

About Playful Planet:  Husband and wife team, Bryan and Karen Duggan, are the brains behind Playful Planet.  Parents to a young child, they are committed to raising awareness of healthy lifestyles and sustainable living.  Check out their fun blog here including their Healthy Family Project Posts!

Storyland Yoga DVD (Geared for Kids 3-8)

List Price: $ 14.99

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