Product Review: The Sun Seed [Library Binding] (Ages 3-5)

Product Review: The Sun Seed [Library Binding] (Ages 3-5)

Oh!’ said the surprised seed. The earth above felt warm.”…this was just the beginning of big changes to come.

The Sun Seed children’s book is a very lovely Waldorf-inspired read about a little seed waking up from a long slumber in early spring to fulfill her destiny of growing into a flower.  This book nicely incorporates the seasons and the plant’s natural cycle that works with the sun, air, water and insects before dropping new seeds for the next growing season.  Author and illustrator, Jan Schubert, made the beautiful illustrations through a technique with dyed wool fibers known as dry felting.  The technique creates a unique dreamy look at nature that works well with the Sun Seed story.  It is a sweet and magical read for young children and adults (I really love the part where the plant drinks the delicious ‘root-soup’ to grow strong) and my daughter asks me to read this to her by name.  Highly recommended!

About Steiner Books:  Steiner Books is an independent, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to publishing and distributing anthroposophical authors.  Steiner Books began in Chicago in 1921 to serve the works of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) who began a movement called anthroposophy (see wiki here).  Steiner’s works inspired the director of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany for the children whose parents were employed at the Waldorf Astoria Cigarette Company which opened in 1919 with the intent to develop the whole human being for a social renewal in war-torn Germany after WWI.  Waldorf education focuses on areas of practical, artistic and conceptual elements in learning with the intent of developing individualistic and morally responsible children.  Waldorf education continues to be a popular education method, particularly in early education, around the world.  Check out Steiner Books Waldorf and Childhood Development catalog here.

About Author Jan Schubert:  Jan has been a Waldorf early childhood educator for over twenty years and currently teaches preschool at the Davis Waldorf School in California.  Extremely artsy, Jan also has an online store that sells her homemade 100% pure, raw beeswax candles called Bee Happy Candles.  Check it out here.

The Sun Seed [Library Binding] (Ages 3-5)

List Price: $17.95 (Currently $14.00 through

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