Product Review: Roll & Play™ Your Child’s First Game (18 months+)

Product Review:  Roll & Play™ Your Child’s First Game (18 months+)

Ignite Your Mind!

I absolutely love that companies like Think Funcreate games for toddlers and hope that the early education game trend continues.  The Communication Manager from Think Fun, Charlotte Fixler, told me Roll & Play was the very first game for ages 18 months and up (wow!), and I have the perfect game tester in my house!  Every day my daughter is on a constant quest to absorb new information and concepts.  Her favorite thing right now is noticing when things are the ‘same’ or ‘different’.  ‘Two blues’ she will say as she holds up two blue items.  ‘Two red hats’ and ‘same, momma, same’ are common short sentences she will repeat daily.  She also loves to learn about animals, the sounds that they make and the different body parts of animals and people.  Her brain seems like a bottomless pit just waiting for knowledge to be poured in and I am trying my best to keep up.  I am happy to report this task has gotten a little easier these days with the help of the game Roll & Play.

Roll & Play is a fantastic educational activity game for toddlers and parents.  The game includes one large six-sided multi-color plush cube with a storage pocket, 48 activity cards (there are 6 different activities, so 8 activity cards for each color) and a parent’s guide with simple instructions.  The six card activities are broken down into the categories of Emotions, Body Parts, Animal Sounds, Counting, Colors and Actions.  You simply have your toddler roll the cube and identify the color side up when the cube lands.  You then pick out that color from the activity cards and do that activity on the card.  Simple!  Some examples of the activity cards are ‘find something that is the color blue’, ‘rub your belly’ or ‘moo like a cow’!  These are all fun and simple activities that will still challenge your little one and expand their creativity, active play and motor skills while encouraging the parent/child bond.  I highly recommend this game for you and your toddler!

Check it out!  Charlotte from Think Fun Inc shared a great how-to-play video she is allowing me to share with my readers in my review post.  This short video is a great introduction on how to play the game with your little one.

About Think Fun:  Think Fun’s mission is to Ignite Your Mind!  Think Fun was founded in 1985 by Pennsylvania husband and wife team, Bill Ritchie and Andrea Barthello, under the original company name of Binary Arts.  They designed the company from the very noble mission of creating simple toys for children from brilliant mathematicians, engineers and inventors which can be seen from their very first toy creation of the Hexadecimal Puzzle.  Check out their full line of products here and I hope to see some additional Early Learning Games from them in the near future!

Roll & Play™ Your Child’s First Game (18 months+)

List Price: $ 19.99

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