Product Review: My Feelings Activity Book {Hardcover} (Suggested age: 3-8)

Product Review:  My Feelings Activity Book {Hardcover} (Suggested age: 3-8)

Helping Parents Raise Good People

The Mother Company’s Ruby’s Studio has been on my parental radar for a very long time for their commitment to emotional literacy in children.  Helping kids explore and understand their feelings is crucial in developing healthy people.  If you do not understand how you feel, you won’t be able to effectively communicate with others and you won’t be able to solve issues, make meaningful connections or be a good friend.  When children can understand and express their feelings they will have critical self-awareness skill building tools for a successful life and future.   My Feelings Activity Book is another tool in Ruby Studio’s arsenal of amazing products to help children learn emotional intelligence and I am very excited to talk to you about it today.

My Feelings Activity Book is an interactive fill-able book for kids that discusses and explores feelings in a fun creative way.  The child is able to artistically articulate how they feel, why they may feel a certain way and how they can change the way that they feel.  Activities include drawing a picture of your frustrated face, circling and explaining what you may do when you are scared, what you do when your friend is sad and demonstrating how you look when you feel surprised.  This thirty page hardcover book has numerous stickers, coloring and drawing activities for exploring our big feelings.  I think it is fantastic book on feelings for children.

Bonus!  The Mother Company launched their first storybook app (List Price: $1.99) in February and their second app entitled Sally Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day debuts in April!  As any parent with a small child knows, frustration is a common and intense occurrence in the lives of toddlers who have yet to develop fine motor skills and a large language capacity.  In Sally Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day, Sally learns she gets frustrated when things don’t go her way when she is not able to build her lunch sandwiches as high as the sky.  However, Sally learns instead of quitting, she can walk through her frustration by breathing and taking it slow and always trying to do her best.  Go Sally!

“Remember… You are the only you in the world, and you are loved.” – Ruby

My Feelings Activity Book

List Price: $12.95

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    • Thank you so much for your comment and I am honored that you have linked my review to The Mother Company website. That is fantastic to be associated with such a wonderful company with outstanding products for kids!

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