Product Review: Animal Stories BookBox Series Video (Recommended age 3-7)

Product Review: Animal Stories BookBox Series Video (Recommended age 3-7)

Smart Reading.  Same Language Subtitling. 

Have you ever heard of the scientifically proven yet simple concept of literacy development through Same Language Subtitling (SLS)?  It is basically using subtitles on the screen in perfect sync with audio and visual matching which is also known as ‘reading Karaoke style’.  Dr. Brij Kothari, Cornell Ph.D. graduate and child literacy expert, developed the SLS idea back in 1996 and created the BookBox Series.  He spent years working on studies of literacy improvement in India using his techniques with positive results.  SLS has been proven to help children with their listening comprehension, reading skills and foreign language skills and I wanted to see how it worked.

The BookBox DVDs have three ways of learning language for children on each DVD; Read to Me/Karaoke (audio and subtitles), Let Me Read (no audio with subtitles) and Listening Comprehension (audio with no subtitles). The BookBox DVDs are offered in multiple languages although the DVD I reviewed was specifically for the English language-only and could be used for English as a Second Language (ESL) students.  The Animal Stories version is a 25 minute video broken down into three animal stories: Turtle’s Flute (Brazilian Folktale), Zippy the Zebra and Four Friends (Ancient Indian Fable). The narration is slowly paced and timed perfectly to the subtitles.  The colorful cartoon artwork is also slowly paced and I think that helps to aid children in their comprehension.  The DVD also includes PDF versions of each of the story’s text which is a nice feature.  I think by offering three different techniques to learn in a visual way is a nice cost effective way to give people with different learning styles a way to learn to read.  Overall, I was very happy with this product and I think it will be very beneficial to Brooke when we start down the path of reading.

Check out the BookBox Catalog:  Check out BookBox’s catalog website where you can get their ‘books’ through as an Animated Story, E-Book PDF or Mobile Video.  Check out their FREE Page that offers free PDFs, MP3s, Games and Activities for your child.  The BookBox DVD series comes with limited public performance right to use in the classroom.  A portion of the sales proceeds of BookBox will go to the not-for-profit PlanetRead which is dedicated to literacy development worldwide.

About Master Communications:  Master Communications is a Cincinnati based company that publishes and distributes educational media with a focus on multicultural and bilingual products.  They also offer multicultural and multilingual marketing and licensing consultingClick here to view their latest catalog and product listing.

Bonus!  Check out the Youtube video for the SLS version of Turtle’s Flute by clicking on this linkDownload the Free BookBox iPhone App in English by clicking on this link.

Animal Stories BookBox Series Video (Recommended age 3-7)

List Price: $24.95 through

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