Product Review: Hap Palmer’s Learning in Two Languages (Aprendiendo en dos idiomas) CD (Geared towards ages 4 to 9)

Product Review: Hap Palmer’s Learning in Two Languages (Aprendiendo en dos idiomas) CD (Geared towards ages 4 to 9)

To provide quality educational music for young children

As a self-proclaimed musician/songwriter who collects and dabbles in guitar, mandolin, drums, bass and an occasional didgeridoo, my daughter is surrounded by music and musical accessories.  I love to get educational songs that encourage music and movement and Hap Palmer’s CD Learning in Two Languages also incorporates an additional learning concept of the second language of Spanish.  Brilliant!

Hap’s Learning in Two Languages CD is a bilingual composition of 20 songs that contains one child’s song in English followed by the same song translated to Spanish.  This will help the child learn the same vocabulary from the songs in both languages.  Hap believes that the most effective way a child learns a new language is through hearing and responding through movement and actions.  The sensitive period of language acquisition is during the first ten years of a child’s life.  The CD also focuses on the use of authentic sounds of instruments without any electronic synthesizers.  There is a wide variety of instruments on this CD including trombone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, flute, violin, marimba, bongos, tambourine and maracas.  The CD also includes a bonus of 9 additional instrumental songs.

Bonus!  Expand your learning experience!  Get the lyrics and corresponding activities you can do with your child for each song on this CD here from Hap’s website.

About Hap Palmer: Hap Palmer holds a master’s degree in dance education with an emphasis in early childhood music and movement and has been recording educational musical CDs since 1969.  Hap’s early education philosophy is that children learn best by doing and his songs include active involvement of basic skills and concepts that create enthusiasm and mastery.  Some of his additional CD titles include Learning Basic Skills Through Music, Volume 1 and II, Multiplication Mountain and Movin’.

Learning in Two Languages (Aprendiendo en dos idiomas) CD

List Price: $12.98 (CD) or $11.95 (MP3)

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