Product Review: Only One You [Hardcover] by Linda Kranz (Age 4+)

Product Review:  Only One You [Hardcover] by Linda Kranz (Age 4+)

There’s only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place.

Kids, like adults, are separate and unique human beings and each one of us can make a positive impact in this world by embracing our unique talents that make us special.  Children build their own core values; such as honesty, responsibility and compassion at a young age that they take with them into adulthood.  We can foster these ideas with our children by creating an environment to allow them opportunities for their own personal empowerment and by guiding the way through our own actions and words.  Linda’s book, Only One You, is a lovely introduction to her works that help children deal with their own character development.  Adri, the young fish, is ready to swim off into the world and his Mama and Papa want to give their son one last send off through their words of wisdom to help him succeed in the great big ocean of life.

Linda Kranz, an author and illustrator, writes such special books that focus on making the world a better place through gentle connections with others while being true to our own individuality.  Linda also incorporates her other passion in Only One You from her books on rock-painting with inspiration rock quote illustrations throughout.  Linda’s illustrations are colorful and quite beautiful as you dive into the underwater world of a young fish listening to refreshing and meaningful quotes of life from his parents.  The inside covers offer additional inspirational gems good for all ages such as “choose friends that energize you to feel good about yourself”.  It is a great uplifting book to read to your child and a great book to send with them as they swim into the deeper waters of adulthood.

Check it out:  Linda has the cutest website ( that has all kinds of great information for parents and lists her product details including her follow-up book entitled You Be You.  There are free downloadable templates such as a printout where a child can write how they plan to make this world a better place.  Linda has also started a blog area on her site that has a few tips and inspirational messages.

Only One You [Hardcover] by Linda Kranz

Cooper Square Publishing LLC

List Price: $12.95 (currently $7.91 through

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