The Seeds of Friendship (Hardcover)


The Seeds of Friendship (Hardcover)

How can Adam bring the green warmth of home to his new urban world? An inspiring fable from Michael Foreman about making friendship grow.

Adam feels alone in the strange new city. He misses his old friends and the colors of his faraway home. Adam loves his new high-rise home in the city, but he misses his old home and fills his room with pictures of elephants, parrots, lions, and hippos. He sees children playing in the city streets, and misses his friends and the verdant landscape of his old life.

When he starts school, he loves the small garden on the playground, so his teacher gives him some seeds. Adam and his mother plant the seeds in their window box. Adam brings home more and more seeds, and he and his friends plant them everywhere they can, until all the window boxes are full and the rooftop is a lush retreat. “Together they made a garden in the sky.”


In the end, Adam understands that “each season will bring its own wonders and colors, and that the seeds of friendship will never die.”  This book delivers a message of hope and friendship while hitting validating a child’s experience of immigration when leaving one world behind to join another.

About the Author:  Michael Foreman has written and illustrated many children’s books, including Say Hello with Jack Foreman. His work has been awarded the Kate Greenaway Medal, the Kurt Maschler Award, and the Bologna Ragazzi Award. He lives in London

The Seeds of Friendship (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99

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