The Visionary type:A deodorant

The Visionary type:A deodorant

A smarter natural deodorant is here.

type:A is a new concept in aluminum-free deodorant with sweat-activated technology for long-lasting odor and wetness protection. type:A comes in either The Visionary (crisp, clean citron scent) or The Minimalist (fragrance-free).

Award-winning deodorant with all the benefits, none of the tradeoffs

  • Long-lasting. type:A sweat-activated formula mimics a time release effect for long-lasting odor and wetness protection.
  • Non-irritating. type:A soothing, dry-touch cream glides on smoothly and won’t irritate or drag your skin (because deodorant shouldn’t give you a hard time).
  • Clothing-friendly. type:A ultra-sheer formula means no more stains. It absorbs instantly, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. You’ll honestly forget it’s there.
  • Yep, it comes in a tube. Squeeze out a few dollops of cream, then swipe the tube under your arm, just like a stick. Need a visual guide for how much to use? Check out the FAQs.
  • For anyone who sweats. Guys and gals, young and old. If you sweat, type:A deodorant keeps you protected.

Get the low-down on how type:A is made here.

I love type:A The Visionary deodorant which smells delicious and works great at keeping sweat at bay!

The Visionary type:A deodorant

List Price: $ 10.00 (Full Size)

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