Easy Tie Shoe Laces

Easy Tie Shoe Laces

Easy Tie shoelaces are the only dual colored shoelace specifically designed for tying

I am a very visual person which I think stems from my lack of acuteness in my other senses.  I love unique and (what I think are) cute designs and I never strive to look or be like others.  I wear what I wear because I like it and for no other reason (well, besides money) and I hope my daughters feel that same freedom.  I also like items that tie into my children’s education and when I came across Easy Tie shoelaces I almost had an excitement attack from the cuteness and utility rolled into one.

Easy Tie laces have an adorable left and right colored shoelace are a classic example of fun and function with a little lesson mixed in for my preschool daughter’s shoes.  We have been practicing ‘left’ and ‘right’ in many different ways and this is yet another fun way to incorporate this lesson into a sweet fashion style.  We are working our way up to shoe lace tying, which is coming, but for now seeing and knowing the difference in the ‘l’ versus the ‘r’ in the differed colored laces seems to be working very well.

  • 37″ fit shoe size 8 – 3 or (4 eyelets)
  • 45″ fit shoe size 3 – 10 or (5-6 eyelets)
  • 54″ fit shoe size 7+ or (6-8 eyelets)


Easy Tie Shoe Laces


$9.99 (Available on Amazon.com)

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