Stop Bugging Me! New High-Tech Bug Trap Traps Household Pests With Style!

Stop Bugging Me! New High-Tech Bug Trap Traps Household Pests With Style!

Fly free comfort in every room – The FlyLight Insect Trap by DynaTrap is sleek, discreet and protects you and your family from disease carrying flying insects.

If you have young children like my family, you probably have an issue with keeping the back door closed.  My girls spend a lot of time playing in our backyard and now that summer break is about to start, I am wondering if all the flies (and worse!) they are letting in are going to set up camp!  This year I decided to do something about it.  No, I can’t get rid of my kids (or somehow program them to immediately shut the door right after they run outside!), so I looked to DynaTrap®.  After all, they’ve been keeping my backyard mosquito-free for almost a year so I was convinced they could work wonders for our spring and summer time visitors!

Guess what?  DynaTrap now has a new insect trap series just for the indoors called FlyLight by DynaTrap®.  Whether you are looking to keep moths out of your pantry or trying to keep the fruit flies out of your kitchen, this is the warm weather device for your home.  Flylight utilizes something called AtraktaGlo Technology (or as I like to call it – ‘the bug light’) to deliver up to 600 square feet of coverage. The UV emitting fluorescent bulb produces a warm light at a wavelength specifically designed to attract flies. Once attracted, the insects are trapped on the non-toxic StickyTech™ Glue Card which is concealed by the attractive aluminum panel.

Watch the FlyLight Video!  See the release of the FlyLight Insect trap series at!

Easy installation, just plug it in!

  • No Pesticides/Odor-Free
  • Pass-Thru Power to AC and/or USB Outlets
  • Attracts Insects with UV AtraktaGlo™ Technology
  • Safe, Silent, Simple – Indoor Use Only

The great thing is, it doesn’t look like a bug trap; it has a sleek modern design with USB ports and AC outlets that adds functionality to the device.  Besides looking nice in the home, the DynaTrap® Insect Trap provides effective protection from disease-carrying flies and other flying insects in a discreet, quiet unit.  FlyLight is a cost-effective and powerful device for our family.  Bob and I can relax knowing that even if the bugs get in, they won’t be around long to ‘bug’ us!

FlyLight by DynaTrap®

List Price: $ 24.00 – $39.00

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